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Fourth of July Craft – Star Button Art


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One of my favorite spaces in our home to decorate for Fourth of July is the fireplace mantel.  I love hanging a patriotic bunting, adding colorful rosettes and displaying the hand painted wood pallet American flag.  Decorating this one space makes the whole house feel more patriotic.

This year I wanted to add some new art to display in addition to the American flag.  So, I made this star button art for my Fourth of July craft.

Buttons are really fun to craft with. When I was little, my mom used to take me to a notions shop downtown.  Something about standing in front of rows and rows of button boxes.  Each one housing a small treasure inside.  It was so exciting browsing the little samples attached to the outside of the box and choosing which little one would come home with me that day.

Today, I especially enjoy making crafts with buttons of the same colors.  Many hours have been spent at our craft thrift shop scouring their button collections.  I love finding little gems hiding among the many piles of buttons.

The best part about this Fourth of July craft is that you can make it with your older kids or by yourself.  My little loved helping me decide which buttons to use and where to place them.  

To make this star button art, I started with a blank white canvas.  I painted on the red stripes to give the project a homemade look.  But, you could also decoupage on a red and white striped scrapbook paper. 

For the star, you will need an assortment of blue buttons.  Before searching for blue buttons at craft stores, check your own button collection.  You never know what you may find.  

It turns out that blue buttons aren’t really a color that I collect often.  So, I ended up purchasing this fun dark blue button assortment (affiliate).  What’s really neat is that you can get large collections of single color buttons these days quite easily, which makes crafting with buttons so much easier.

You Will Need:

8″ x 10″ White Canvas (affiliate) (you can use a larger size if desired depending on your decor needs)

Bright Red Paint (affiliate)

1 inch Painter’s Tape (affiliate)

Assortment of Blue Buttons (affiliate)

Tacky Glue



Free Printable Star Template

1. Place the first line of painter’s tape on the top of your canvas.  Start in the middle of the tape line so you don’t give the final stripes too exacting of a look.  

2.  From the bottom of the tape, measure one inch.  Make a mark in pencil on the canvas.  Attach the second line of painter’s tape, making sure it’s evenly laid down.

3.  Continue making stripes with the painter’s tape and pencil until you have covered the canvas.

4.  Once you have made your painter’s tape stripes, paint with the red paint in the white spaces on the canvas.  Let dry.

5.  Carefully, remove the painter’s tape.  If there are any imperfections with the red paint (such as seeping through the painter’s tape), you can touch them up with some white paint if desired.  

6.  Download our free printable star template.  Print and cut out the template.  Trace the star in the center of the canvas. 


7.  Choose one side of the star to start with. 

Add glue to the back of a big blue button and place along the edge of the star. 

Then, glue the next button down until you have filled this section of the star.  

8.  Continue layering the buttons around the star until you have filled in the entire star design. 

When gluing the buttons down, think about layering them.  So, the larger buttons will be on the bottom, medium next and smaller ones fill in the top of the design.  Also, be sure to vary their colors.  If you have a darker blue button on the bottom, place a lighter, smaller blue button on top.

9.  Once your star button art is finished, let your project dry for 24 hours or until the glue is clear.  Display your star button art on a shelf, mantel or other area to add some patriotic color.

This star button art craft looks beautiful on top of our piano.  Just the place that needed a little more touch of red, white and blue.  

Need some other ideas to decorate and entertain this Fourth of July?  Add some more stars and stripes to your party decor with this free printable Fourth of July paper chain.  Or make your water bottles stand out with these free printable Fourth of July water bottle labels.

And who says that the fun has to end on the Fourth of July?  You can also be nominated the best hostess in town when you send guests home with s’mores favor kits or root beer float favors.  It’s always fun when guests can take home a little treat to enjoy later.

Also, don’t forget that Fourth of July wouldn’t be complete without a fun patriotic tablescape.  Check out these decor ideas and grab your free Fourth of July printables.

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