Strawberry and Donut Kabobs

Of all of the breakfast goodies in the world, Mr. Mountaineer’s favorites are donuts.  He always tells such loving stories about going to work with his dad on warm summer mornings as a kid.  They would always stop and pick up this tasty treat to eat at the job site or in the car.  At least if they got stuck in traffic they were prepared!

Since dating me, donuts have been saved only for special occasions.  They’re the leave-early-on-vacation moment or Christmas-Eve-morning-and-I’m-not-cooking time.  So, his first Father’s Day seemed like the perfect chance to serve this yummy treat.

Although Mr. Mountaineer’s favorite kind of donut is the Boston Creme, I wanted to put a little twist on his donut breakfast.  Being that summer has arrived, I decided to make some donut kabobs.  This simple and tasty treat hit a home run.  With the strawberries adding a hint of “healthiness”, these donut kabobs are perfect for a summer brunch or donut inspired celebration.

Strawberry and Donut Kabobs

Yields: 5 kabobs

You Will Need:

1 pack of donut holes (about 25) – glazed or chocolate glazed -or mix between the two

1 pint of strawberries

5 skewers

1.  Prepare the strawberries by washing and hulling them.  If your strawberries are extra large, feel free to cut them in half before you put them on the skewer.

2.  To create the kabob, slide one donut hole onto the skewer.  Then, slide on a strawberry.

Continue in this pattern until you have four donut holes and three strawberries.

Serve the finished kabobs with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee.  They are the perfect treat for the kids to get involved in making too.  Just set out the ingredients and let them create.  A weekend family breakfast can become hands on!

I, of course, had my little helper too.

Happy Celebrating,


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  1. Could I make these the night before, refrigerate, and serve the next morning?

  2. confettidiaries says:

    The only problem that I see with making them the night before is whether the donut holes last over night. I have found donut holes to dry out if not eaten the same day. They are pretty easy to assemble, though, so you could make them pretty quickly in the morning. Thanks for checking out our blog.

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