Whipped Frosted Cake

The Easiest Whipped Frosting in the World

Although I wish I had time to always whip up frosting from scratch, there are days when you just need a cake.  Where the frosting comes from becomes secondary. Putting together the photography for Katarina’s Paperie has created many of those days.  One of the many truths about starting a party boutique is that you always need […] Read more…

5 Tips and Tricks for Making Amazing Cake Pops

Okay, I won’t deny it, I love cake pops.  The perfect combination of cake, frosting, and chocolate coating makes them an addictive little treat and irresistable dessert at parties. So when I had the opportunity to attend a cake pops baking class on Mother’s Day, I signed up immediately.  I was determined to finally learn […] Read more…

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