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Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Coffee Tag

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Do you know the best way to thank a teacher?  Give them a strong cup of coffee early in the morning! 

Although you might not want to send your child into school with a steaming hot cup of joe for teacher appreciation week this year, giving a gift certificate to your local coffee shop will be much appreciated.  I promise.  This advice comes from a former teacher.  And I could never get enough coffee before I taught.

That or a teacher themed mug (with a small coffee shop gift card as an added bonus) (affiliate).  They will love you forever!

To make your coffee inspired teacher gift extra special, I created a free printable teacher appreciation coffee tag.  It says “I espressonally like you as my teacher!”  Took you a second, didn’t it!


Attach your free printable teacher appreciation coffee tag to a new travel mug (the kind that doesn’t leak when you are carrying a lot of papers or books), a gift card or even a teacher inspired mug.

Although there is a specific week set aside at the beginning of May to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, you can really give teacher appreciation gifts any time of year.  A coffee teacher appreciation gift would be perfect for back to school, holiday or even a summer send off at the end of the year.  It would even be a nice “just because” thank you.  Teachers appreciate coffee any time really.

How to Make this Teacher Appreciation Coffee Tag

Making your Teacher Appreciation Coffee Tag is easy.  Which means that you can make it the night before if necessary.

First, download your Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Coffee Tag here.  Then, print on heavy white cardstock.  Use this cardstock for most printers and this one for printers that can print on very heavy paper. (affiliates)  

Trim your tags using scissors or a paper trimmer (affiliate).  Add a hole to the top (if desired) and sign the back.  Then, attach to your teacher appreciation gift.  

Favorite Teacher Coffee Gift Ideas

There are lots of teacher coffee gift ideas that are sure to get your favorite teacher’s caffeine buzz going.  Here are a couple of my favorite.

The Mug

Although I will argue a lot about whether teachers need mugs, sometimes a new one is much appreciated.  Especially after a school year of drinking coffee.  And I always found that students avoided giving mugs, so I didn’t have any good options to choose from in the end.

If you decide to go with a mug gift idea, choose one that’s personalized with the teacher’s name. Then it won’t get misplaced. (affiliate)

Or a travel coffee mug version that keeps coffee warm on the go is a great option (affiliate).  Especially for teachers that move between classrooms a lot.

And if your favorite teacher prefers iced coffee, a new glass tumbler can be a nice idea. (affiliate)

A Coffee Tee

Not all teacher coffee gifts have to be something you can drink.  Celebrate a teacher’s love for coffee with a coffee themed t-shirt.  And it’s true.  Coffee does give you teacher powers. (affiliate)

Coffee Themed Gift Box

If you want to give a bigger coffee themed gift, consider a coffee themed gift box or basket.  You can assemble one yourself or buy a pre-created one like this (affiliate)

To make it yourself, gather an assortment of your favorite coffee inspired treats.  I usually include a few coffees, a mug, a gift card, chocolate dipped spoons for stirring and some other fun coffee themed items such as these adorable socks. (affiliate)  Your favorite teacher is sure to appreciate all of the coffee love.  And it will help get him or her through the rest of the school year!

Still Need to Download Your Tag?

You can download your free printable teacher appreciation coffee tag here.

Looking for DIY Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas?

There are lots of creative to ways to show your favorite teachers how much you appreciate them.  We have created lots of fun teacher appreciation gifts over the years.  Some of my favorites include:

Love this teacher appreciation tag and want to save for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


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