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Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Fill in the Blank

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Oh, it’s that time of year again.  When the flowers bloom, the weather gets warm and the kids seem to have spring fever.

I wish that was all that was going on.  Then, I might be able to finally put my feet up.

There’s also Teacher Appreciation Day right around the corner.  Like only a couple of weeks away.

Do you know what your kids are going to get their favorite teacher this year to say Thank You?

Whenever I plan a teacher appreciation gift, I try to choose something the kids will get really into.  I mean, it really is their present.

Over the years, we’ve gifted bags of their favorite coffee with this Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Coffee Tag.  And planted pretty flowers in these chalkboard planters.  Probably, before we should have been. 

There are have also been homemade washi tape pencils and notecards made from extra school supplies.


These days, fill in the blank word games are all the rage with the kids.  We do them on road trips (even to the supermarket).  We fill them out during commercial breaks while watching sports events.  I even find they come in handy helping time pass by at the kids practices.  

So, why not make one for your favorite teachers?  It’s a great gift that kids can personalize themselves and they will love filling them out.  Even if they make them kind of funny.

To get started, download this Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Fill in the Blank.  This design features spaces for your kids to list the favorite things they did this year, advice for next year’s class and wish their teacher a “____________” summer ahead.

Yes, these answers will be a lot of fun.


Once you’ve downloaded the design, print on 8.5″ by 11″ copy paper or light white cardstock.  You can find printing tips for easy printing here.

Printing note… If you need a lot of these printed and you want to use a heavier cardstock, we recommend Prints of Love online print shop.  They offer fast, high quality and affordable printing options. (affiliate)  

If desired, trim the white borders around the design for a neater look.

Then, let your kids fill in the blanks.  Once completed, you can attach to your favorite teacher appreciation gift or give as the gift itself.  It makes such a wonderful thoughtful present.


Want the entire class to make a Teacher Appreciation Fill in the Blank?

As room mom many years in a row, I was always looking for teacher appreciation gifts that were easy to make and all of the students could do.  This Teacher Appreciation Fill in the Blank is the perfect activity for the class to make their teacher.

After the class has completed them, assemble into a memorable book that the teacher can look back on during the many years to come.  (And that I’m sure will make them smile.)

When trying to get the entire class to make these, start with finding a convenient time for kids to work on them.  Preferably away from the receiving teacher’s eyes to keep them a surprise.

This is the hard part and can take some coordination with other staff.  Maybe the teacher’s aid can have kids’ fill them out during a quiet time or recess.  Or there might be a special where the Specials Teacher can help get them filled out.  You can even have them sent home as a “homework assignment”.  (Probably one not many will mind.)

Then, assemble the Teacher Appreciation Fill in the Blank Cards into a bound book or package them with ribbon or twine.  Present the cards to the teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week.


Still need to download your design?  You can download the Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Fill in the Blank Cards here.

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And if you still need some other teacher appreciation gift ideas, be sure to check these other ones out on our blog.

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Have your gift picked out, but still need a tag?  We have a wonderful assortment of teacher appreciation tags in our shop here.

And just remember this important advice when it comes to choosing teacher appreciation gifts.  Think beyond the mug.

Happy Celebrating,


  1. This is such a great idea and so thoughtful. As a previous K teacher, I always loved getting things like these. I still have the majority of them. Such great keepsakes to help remember students!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! When I taught, I loved getting thoughtful notes written (or drawn) by students. They were my most cherished gifts and I also still have many of them to this day. This fill in will hopefully let the kids get even more creative with their sentiments without having to do too much writing. Hope you are well and thanks again for visiting.

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