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Free Printable DIY Teacher Thank You Cards

DIY Teacher Thank You Cards

Although we have about a month before school is back in session, many of you are already heading back to class. I can’t believe summer is almost over and we’ll be ushering in fall in a few more weeks!  I’m definitely getting ready for pumpkins, bats and the leaves starting to change. (I really did just right that…)

As a former teacher, back to school was always one of my favorite ties of year. I loved the smell of new crayons, sharpened pencils and fresh paper. The kids also brought such a vibrant energy to the classroom.

Now that I’m on the other side and have a preschooler, I remember how sweet it was to feel appreciated before the school year even began. As you all know from my simple DIY birthday cards, it’s almost impossible to visit the card store with my toddler. So, I’ve had to get creative and make my cards at home. The simpler, the better. In celebration of the start of school, I created this set of free printable DIY teacher thank you cards and some basic, easy to find school supplies.  It’s a great way to spread some love to your favorite teachers.

To make your own set of free printable teacher thank you cards, you will need:

Free Printable Teacher Thank You Cards

Kraft Cardstock (Affiliate) (You can also use white cardstock if preferred)

Scissors or Paper Cutter

Scoring Board and Knife (Affiliate)

Pencil Erasers

Golf or Mini Pencils (Affiliate)

New Crayons

Magnetic Letters

White Glue

To make your cards, print out our Free Printable Teacher Thank You Cards on kraft or white heavy cardstock.  Cut out each card and score down the middle to create your fold.  Each card measures about 3″ x 5″.

Eraser Card

Using brand new pencil eraser caps, glue three in opposite directions onto the front of the card. I liked using colorful neon erasers to give it a fun look.

DIY Teacher Thank You Cards

Crayon Card

Although any new crayon will do, I love how crayons have gotten all jazzed up this year. Glue your crayon horizontally above the text.  This card would be a lot of fun to make with glitter crayons. You could even use your teacher’s favorite color.

Pencil Card

This is the perfect use for extra golf pencils you have lying around. Just glue the mini pencil on top of the thank you message.

DIY Teacher Thank You Cards

Alphabet Letter Card

Using the first letter of your teacher’s last name or your child’s favorite letter, glue a magnetic letter on the card. This card would be perfect for a teacher who just got married and changed their name. What a sweet way to celebrate!

I can’t wait to write some sweet notes to Little Bug’s teachers on the first day of school. It’s the perfect way to start the school year off on the right foot!

Happy Celebrating,

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