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Free Printable Thanksgiving Leftovers Tags

Every year Mr. Mountaineer reminds me that we need to make even more food for Thanksgiving to guarantee his favorite thing – leftovers.  He could eat the Thanksgiving feast for at least a week afterwards!  Between the extra slices of cheesecake, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, ham, etc, he’s pretty set for dinner for awhile, which is a nice break for me after cooking such an elaborate meal.

I come from a family where leftovers were not very welcomed.  My mom usually makes less food in order to eat it all at the holiday meal, instead of storing it in the fridge for future meals.  I guess that’s what happens when you have a small family.  I have learned over my five years of hosting Thanksgiving to embrace leftovers and have actually become disappointed when we go to my family for Christmas and there aren’t any.  Leftovers are also a sweet way to send guests home with a taste of the meal and a little token of your thanks for coming.

This year, in preparation for more guests, I’ve decided to set up a seperate leftovers table and use our free printable Thanksgiving tags to package the food.  Complete with all of the pieces you need to package up your favorite foods to go, it’s great way to say to guests “Thanks for Coming”.

To create your own leftovers station, you will need the following materials:

Chinese Take Out Food Boxes

Free Printable Thanksgiving Tags




Lots of Extra Thanksgiving Goodies to Choose From.

Print out our free printable leftovers tags.  Punch each tag out using a 2.5″ circle punch or cut out by hand.  Punch a small hole at the top for the ribbon.  At the end of your Thanksgiving dinner, set out the supplies on a small table for guests to pack up their food.  When putting out leftovers, be sure to leave out a variety of treats from the meal for guests to choose from and maybe even a few extras like wrapped gourmet chocolates.  On each tag, there is space for the food name and date.  With a lot of leftovers floating around during the holidays, these simple details will let guests remember what is in each container and when they should eat it by.

A simple touch of a leftover table is a beautiful note to end your Thanksgiving dinner on and your guests are sure to enjoy the gesture.

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