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Free Printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

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One of my favorite things to do at Thanksgiving is play games together.  Being a family centered holiday, playing Thanksgiving games is a great way to spend time together.  I especially love the interactions between guests and the memories that are created.

At one of the first Thanksgiving feasts that I hosted, all of the adults (this was way before children) played a rollicking game of Cranium (affiliate).  Even those whom I have never seen play a game in their entire lives.

I can’t remember a better time had with family.  It helped that we played on teams and were full of feasting.  Oh the fun that was enjoyed.

These days, Cranium has been replaced by more child friendly games such as Tic Tac Toe and Thanksgiving Bingo.  We have become huge fans of Clue recently, though, so I’m hoping to introduce that at this year’s feast. (affiliate)

Another activity we like to do together is go on scavenger hunts.  I have shared a number of the scavenger hunts that we’ve completed.  In the fall, we enjoy searching for colors on a Color Hunt.  And at Halloween, we love searching the neighborhood for different faced pumpkins.


So this year, I created a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt to do on Thanksgiving morning.  Unlike some of the checklist scavenger hunts that I’ve designed in the past, this Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt has 12 clues to follow.  Each clue is a riddle that leads to a different location in the house.

The last clue leads searchers to their seat at the Thanksgiving table.  It’s a great way to show guests where they will be sitting for the big feast.


Do the Clues have to Be in Order?

These Thanksgiving scavenger hunt clues do not have a particular order to them.  Each clue is a stand alone riddle that leads to a specific location in your house.  You can really place them in any order that you like.  But if used in a random order, some clues may end up closer to each other than planned.

The first and last clue have bigger text at the top.  So, you might want to start and end the scavenger hunt with these clues.  But that isn’t required.

Things You’ll Need to Make your Scavenger Hunt

To make your Thanksgiving scavenger hunt, you will need the following supplies.

Scavenger Hunt Clues – You can download your Free Printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt clues here.

Medium White Cardstock or Copy Paper – It’s best to print out the cards on medium white cardstock (affiliate).  The cards will be more sturdy.  But, regular copy paper can be used too.

Paper Trimmer or Scissors – Although you can use scissors to cut out the cards, this paper trimmer makes the job even easier (affiliate).

Washi Tape – Some clues might need to be taped to their location so they don’t get out of place.  Although you can use regular tape, I love attaching them with decorative Thanksgiving themed washi tape (affiliate).

Scavenger Hunt Prizes – For added motivation, have a prize at the end.  I’ve listed some awesome Thanksgiving scavenger hunt prizes below.


How do I Set Up the Scavenger Hunt?

Download your Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Cards

To set up your Thanksgiving scavenger hunt, download the Free Printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt cards.  If you have more than one person completing the hunt, you can use more than one set of cards.  You can also place the cards in a different order so each seeker is arriving at a different location at a different time.

Print and Cut the Clues

Print your cards out on medium white cardstock and cut out each card.  If you only have regular copy paper, you can use that too.  You can find more printing tips here.

A paper trimmer works great for cutting out the clues quickly or you can use scissors (affiliate).


Hide Your Scavenger Hunt Clues

Next, read each clue.  There are 12 clues in all.  When completing the scavenger hunt, you will hand each child their first clue.  Or put the clue by their bed if you want them to complete the hunt first thing in the morning.

When placing your scavenger hunt clues, you want to put each one in the location before it.  This way you’re directing seekers to that place.  For example, the second clue will be found in the closet and direct the kids to the refrigerator.  It won’t be found in the refrigerator.

The very first card is a kick off card.  It doesn’t get hidden, but sends searchers to their first location.  In this case, the closet.

Once they get to the closet, they will read the second clue and head to the refrigerator.  This play continues until they have found all 12 clues.

For the last clue, it will lead them to the place where they sit for the Thanksgiving feast.  Here you can have a small prize waiting or note of congratulations.

If you decide to switch the order of the clues, arrange them in the order you want to use them first.  This will make hiding the clues a lot less complicated.

I have included the answers to where each clue should be found below.  I tried to write each clue’s riddles so they aren’t too hard to solve.  Although the clues don’t have to be placed in order, this list should helpful.

#1 – the closet

#2 – the refrigerator

#3 – their desk or place they do homework

#4 – laundry room/washing machine

#5 – freezer

#6 – their pillow

#7 – front hall or place mail goes

#8 – television/family room

#9 – oven

#10 – bathtub

#11 – front door

#12 – Thanksgiving table place setting


Start Hunting for Clues

After you’ve set up the Thanksgiving scavenger hunt, it’s time to start searching.  You can go enjoy the hunt with your kids or let them search solo.  I find my kids move so quickly around the house looking for clues that it’s hard to keep up.

If you kids are younger, you might have to help them read the clues.  Or pair them with someone older who can help them read and navigate each riddle.


Should I Give Prizes for the Scavenger Hunt?

I love giving small prizes for scavenger hunts.  It keeps the motivation up to solve all of the clues and make it to the end.  Since this scavenger hunt ends at their place setting, you can place a prize where the child will sit.

For a scavenger hunt prize, you can choose any small Thanksgiving themed prize.  When choosing a scavenger hunt prize, I like to try to pick prizes that are somewhat useful.

Some of my favorite Thanksgiving scavenger hunt prize ideas include:

Thanksgiving books (We love How to Catch a Turkey, Bear Says Thanks and The Night Before Thanksgiving (affiliates))

Turkey Crackers (affiliate)

Thanksgiving Cookies (pretty ones to eat or these fun ones that you can paint (affiliates))

Turkey T-Shirts (affiliate)

Leftovers Sweatshirt (if you’re looking for a bigger prize option, I think this sweatshirt is really cool for the feast – (affiliate))

Thanksgiving Temporary Tattoos (affiliate)

Indian Corn Craft Kit (affiliate)

Thanksgiving Crayons (add a Thanksgiving themed coloring sheet and the kids will be set for awhile (affiliate))

Turkey Stuffed Animal (affiliate)

Thanksgiving Stickers (affiliate)

Fall Themed Lollipops (You can make these turkey lollipops or give these fancy pumpkin shaped ones (affiliate))


Need to Still Download your Scavenger Hunt Clues?

You can download your Free Printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt here.

Love this idea and want to save it for later?  You can pin it below.


Looking for more Thanksgiving fun?  We have lots of great Thanksgiving ideas in our shop and on the blog.  If you’re setting a Thanksgiving kids table, be sure to check out our Free Printable Thanksgiving Kids Table Designs.  Inspired by nature, these beautiful designs the perfect addition to any kids table setting.

And if you love the Thanksgiving Felt Ball Garland that I used in the photos, you can find it here (affiliate).  It’s one of my favorite fall decorations and always adorns our family’s Thanksgiving Thankful Tree.


If you’re planning a Thanksgiving party or looking for ways for guests to share what they’re grateful for, this NEW Let’s Be Thankful Thanksgiving Dice Game is a fun addition for your Thanksgiving gathering.  Simply download, print and play.

Happy Celebrating,

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