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Cute Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

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What a better way to celebrate the turkey than to create a cupcake in homage of him!  Turkeys are the classic Thanksgiving food fare, but I can’t say I’ve seen them on the dessert table too. 

But, why not?  These easy Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes are perfect for a Thanksgiving dessert, classroom Thanksgiving feast or just a sweet treat so your two year old can practice her gobble.  


As I’ve said before, my favorite desserts are the simple ones – especially those where even the littlest ones can help.  

For these turkey cupcakes, start with a chocolate cupcake and you can decorate from there. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of chocolate cupcake you start with.  Your cupcake can be made from scratch, a boxed mix or even a set of plain ones from a local bakery.  There are no rules stating that you have to bake something from scratch. 

Just add a few more basic ingredients and you’ll have everyone saying Gobble, Gobble for more!

You Will Need:

1 dozen plain chocolate cupcakes
12 Peanut Butter cups
72 pieces of candy corn for feathers and beaks
Chocolate icing
Chocolate jimmies sprinkles
Candy eyes (affiliate)



1. Frost each turkey cupcake with chocolate frosting.  Sprinkle with chocolate jimmies for texture if desired.


2. Place five pieces of candy corn tip down along the back of the cupcake to make the feathers.


3. Stick a peanut butter cup on its side in front of the candy corn pieces.  The wide side should be facing towards you.


4. Spread a little frosting on the backs of each candy eye ball and place on the front of the peanut butter cup.  Spreading the frosting on the back of the candy eye was a little messy.  You can also use a icing tube or toothpick to add it.  Perfection isn’t the goal – it’s only acting like glue. 

For the the turkey’s nose, add some more frosting to the back of the candy corn.  Place tip side down underneath the eyeballs.


These turkey cupcakes were so much fun to make as a family.  But, they were even more delightful to eat!  I’d almost call them cute, but they are turkeys.  


And it was adorable to listen to Little Bug gobble as she ate them.  Nothing beats a toddler’s turkey gobble.  A definite dessert winner for any upcoming Thanksgiving celebration!

Looking for other Thanksgiving ideas?  Check out these handmade applesauce cups and acorn cupcakes for other delicious additions to your Thanksgiving dessert menu.  And if you plan on setting up a Thanksgiving kids table this year, we have free printables here for a nature inspired design.

Happy Celebrating,

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  1. What a cute and creative idea. And with peanut butter cups – yum! ?

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by. Peanut butter and chocolate is one of my favorite dessert combinations. And they turned out pretty cute I think. My only concern is are they too cute to eat. I guess there’s only one way to find out. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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