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Turkey Lollipops Craft

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One of my favorite things about hosting Thanksgiving is creating the kids table place settings.  It’s so much fun choosing their special Thanksgiving plates, cups, napkins and place mats.  I’ve even used this coloring tablecloth, so guests can color all over the place while they wait for the turkey to come out of the oven (affiliate).

After the kids table is set, it’s time to choose this year’s Thanksgiving favors.  Usually I pick something small to say thank you for coming.  One year, I used these Thanksgiving crackers (affiliate).  Another year, I rolled up Thanksgiving coloring pages and paired with turkey crayons (affiliate).

And kids have even received this glittery turkeys to hold their crayons in (affiliate).  They looked so pretty at the table and kept their crayons organized.


This year, I wanted to get creative with lollipops.  Using inspiration from my Christmas Tree Lollipops a few years ago, I created these adorable turkey lollipops.

Aren’t they cute?  I can’t wait for them to make their debut at our Thanksgiving feast.

The best part is that they are super easy to make.  So, easy that you can put them off until Thanksgiving morning and still get them done in time.


Can the Kids Make Them Instead?

If you aren’t crafty or don’t have time to make these turkey lollipops, they also make a great Thanksgiving kids craft.  Put out the materials and let the kids assemble their own turkey lollipops.  Then, they can enjoy them when they get home.

You can also use them for a Thanksgiving feast activity at school.  Let kids assemble them as the Thanksgiving craft.  Or if there isn’t time for a craft, place one at each child’s place setting.

Whether you make them or the kids, they are sure to be enjoyed this Thanksgiving.


What Lollipops Should I Use?

The shape of the lollipop will determine the final look of the turkey.  For these turkey lollipops, I used Charms Blow Pops.  You can also use these gourmet lollipops (affiliate) if you want a rounder head.

The only lollipops that won’t work are the small Dum Dum lollipops.  You would end up with a super tiny turkey.  Unless you’re aiming for baby turkeys, I would stick with full sized lollipops.


You Will Need:

Lollipops (we used Charms Blow Pops – see note above for options)

Brown Paper Lunch Bags

Scraps of Red and Yellow Cardstock

Googly Eyes (affiliate)

Feathers (affiliate)

Natural Jute Twine (affiliate)

White Glue

Glue Gun (optional)


1. Cut down both sides of the brown paper lunch bag.  You will have two pieces of brown paper.  Each lunch bag makes two lollipops.

2.  Place the lollipop in the middle of the brown paper rectangle.  Wrap the brown paper around the turkey.  Gather in the middle around the lollipop stick.  Tie with a piece of jute twine to secure the paper wrapping (affiliate).

If desired, trim the brown wrapping around the turkey’s neck.

3.  Cut out a small rectangle from yellow cardstock for a beak.  Then, cut a small squiggly piece from red cardstock to make the turkey’s gobble.


4.  Using white glue, attach two googly eyes.  Then, glue on the red gobble and yellow beak.

5.  On the back of the turkey, use a glue gun to attach three feathers.  Don’t worry if your turkey lollipop looks like he has a mohawk.  He will be fine once you turn him back over.

If you don’t mind waiting for the feathers to dry, you can also use white glue.  It just took a bit longer for it to dry.  And since I needed these pretty quickly, it was easier to heat up the glue gun.


Let your turkey completely dry.  Then, he (or she) is ready to help dress your Thanksgiving table.

Love this idea and want to save it for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


Looking for other Thanksgiving fun?  We love Thanksgiving.  It’s so much fun gathering together with the ones we love.  If you’re planning your own kids table this year, check out our Thanksgiving Kids Table Ideas.  There’s even free Thanksgiving printables to help you decorate.

If you prefer spending time baking in the kitchen, check out these cute turkey cupcakes or adorn your cupcakes with these edible acorns.

And most importantly don’t forget to set up a grateful tree to do together after the feast.  It’s one of our favorite family traditions.

Happy Celebrating,

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