15 Best Homemade Valentine Cupcakes

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One of the best Valentine’s Day party desserts is the cupcakeWhy you may ask?

Although one could consider the sweet flavors or vibrant colors used to decorate it, Valentine cupcakes are perfect for one reason really.  They are easy to pick up and eat.

Most Valentine’s Day parties I go to involve mingling.  A little chatting here and there.  And spending time with those you care most about. 

So, you want a dessert that supports this.  Enter Valentine cupcakes.

Also, they can be easy to make.  Whip up a dozen cupcakes in a morning or afternoon just in time for a party.  Or freeze the cupcakes earlier in the week and decorate them right before showtime.

And most importantly, we just finished cookie season.  Christmas is the time of the cookie.  All kinds of cookies. 

By Valentine’s Day, one desires something more decadent and with less multitude.  A single amazing Valentine cupcake can fill the dessert coffers to get to Easter.  And you don’t have to spend weeks in January finishing trays of Christmas thumbprints.

So, Valentine cupcakes it is.  But to get ready to make these homemade Valentine cupcakes, you might want to check out some of our favorite Valentine baking essentials.


Valentine Baking Essentials

So, let me be honest here.  Any baking essentials work for making Valentine cupcakes.  With the exception of some cute Valentine sprinkles or maybe a fondant decoration, homemade Valentine cupcakes can be made with anything you already own.

But Valentine themed baking items do make things just a tad cuter.  Here are a couple “essentials” to make your Valentine baking, well just that, more Valentiney.

Valentine Sprinkles

I love how sprinkle mixes have gotten so creative over the years.  It is much improved from the days of only red and pink sanding sugars.  Check out these adorable pink themed Valentine sprinkles.  Or how about a set that features Xs and Os or maybe one with little pink roses.  (affiliates)

Cupcake Liners

Although the cupcake liner that you bake your homemade Valentine cupcake in probably doesn’t matter because you won’t be able to see it when it comes out of the oven any way, you can always slip a Valentine themed liner over the topped of your baked cupcake before serving.  These Valentine cupcake liners are a great tool.  (affiliate)

Or skip the liner and bake your cupcake in a heart shaped aluminum cupcake pan.  Perfect for creating a Valentine themed dessert tray. (affiliate)


Although many of these Valentine cupcakes are beautifully decorated with edible toppers, adding an extra Valentine touch can take your cupcake to another level.  Use these gold cutout cupcake charms to send Valentine sentiments with your cupcakes.  Or glitter cupids might add a sweet touch. (affiliates).

You can also make your own Valentine cupcake toppers with these Free Printable Valentine Cupcake Toppers.  Simply follow these directions and add to your cupcakes.

Baking Accessories

So, now for the fun part.   Valentine baking should be enjoyable.  And little accessories around the kitchen can help. (affiliates)

Valentine Spatulas – for helping pour the batter into the cupcake liners.

Valentine Oven Mitts and Potholders – for taking the cupcakes out of the oven.  Or even just checking on them.

Valentine Towels – for wiping up unexpected spills.

Heart Shaped Silicone Baking Tray – in case you want to make heart shaped cupcakes, any of the Valentine cupcakes below can be baked in this pan to make them heart shaped instead.

Best Homemade Valentine Cupcakes

Now that you are outfitted for your Valentine baking adventure, it’s time to get working on those Valentine cupcakes.  Notice how the title of this post includes the word “homemade”.  Honestly, it’s because they just make better cupcakes.  You can go with store bought, but the ones baked at home just taste better.  And you know the ingredients that are in them.

More Valentine Ideas

We love Valentine’s Day around here.  I think it helps break up the winter doldrums while we wait for spring.  Here are a few more Valentine’s Day ideas to make your holiday extra special.

Free Printable Valentine Heart Crayon Card (and make your own heart crayons to go with it)

Valentine’s Day Cookie Mix in a Jar

Applesauce Valentines

Creative Valentines Box Ideas

Favorite Free Printable Valentine Cards

Want to save these homemade Valentine cupcakes for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


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