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Valentine’s Day Paper Chain Countdown


Countdowns are a great way to look forward to different events in life.  We count down to birthdays, the births of babies and Christmas.  Since Little Bug loved her advent calendar this year, I wanted to create a special way to countdown to Valentine’s Day.

Inspired by the romantic sonnet, “How do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways.” by Elizabeth Barrett, I created a project that reminded Little Bug about all of the different things that I love about her. 

From her infectious smile that reminds me of when she was a baby to watching her get in place to do her forward rolls and, then waiting for me to flip her.  Every day she does amazing things that I adore and am so grateful that she’s a part of our lives.

So to help us countdown to Valentine’s Day, I created a Valentine’s Day paper chain countdown.  On the inside of each paper strip, I wrote one reason that I love her.  

The Valentine’s Day paper chain countdown has fourteen loops.  We will start on the first day of February until Valentine’s Day.  You can choose any number of days you would like for your paper chain.  If fourteen is too many, make a countdown with ten or even seven.  

I look forward to helping Little Bug take one piece of the chain off each day (if I can stop her toddler hands from only ripping one) and sharing it with her.  In case you’re wondering, Mr. Mountaineer is also getting one.  This is such an easy project to spread joy.

You Will Need

14 one inch stripes of paper/cardstock in red, pink and white (or another combination of colors)



1.  Cut 14 one inch stripes of cardstock.  I found this easiest by using the cutting board (affiliate), but you could also hand cut them.

2.  On each piece of paper, write one thing that you love about the person.  They can be sweet things, funny things, romantic things… reflect on all of the reasons this person is such a special part of your life.


3.  Create your paper chain.  Fold the first piece of paper into a circle and add a dab of glue to secure the ends together.  Link the second piece of paper into the first and attach that one together.  Continue until you have 14 links to your chain.  Each day before Valentine’s Day have your special someone take off one of the links and read it.

This is a sweet and simple way to tell someone how much you love them and look forward to the upcoming holiday of love.  You can also send a set to a relative or far away friend to tell them you’re thinking about them.  Or maybe even have the kids create one for their siblings.

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Yes, Elizabeth Barrett, “How much do I love thee?”  We will countdown the ways with this Valentine’s Day paper chain.

Happy Celebrating,


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