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Free Printable Valentine’s Day Word Search

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With the kids at home more during the pandemic, there has been frequent requests for pencil and paper games.  I’m not sure if it’s initiated by me or them.  I might be looking for more quiet time in our days.  They also might be seeking something to do.


Like most things this past year, Valentine’s Day will probably not look the same.  There won’t be a card exchanging party at school.  We won’t be having friends over to make Valentine’s Day cards.  And any treats that we make, like these chocolate raspberry heart cupcakes, we will probably have to eat ourselves.  (Although, that might not be all bad.)

Some things won’t change, though.  I will still set up a Valentine’s Day paper chain to help count down the days.  And we will make cards together as a family to send others.


We will also be enjoying this Free Printable Valentine's Day Word Search here.

I used to love doing word search puzzles when I was a kid.  Especially on road trips.  I was that kid that could do anything in a car.  So, we took a lot of road trips.

When completing one of these puzzles, I loved the challenge of organizing the letters to find the words.  I think I felt extra smart when working on them.


These days my kids love doing word search puzzles too.  When I was designing this valentine word search, they kept sneaking into the studio to try and find a hidden word when I wasn’t looking.

After I finally convinced them to wait until the design was completely done (not something that’s easy to do), they requested for me to print it immediately so that they could get started searching.  Yes.  They really do enjoy a good word search puzzle.


This Valentine’s Day Word Search is a great activity if you have a cold afternoon ahead of you.  Make some Valentine’s Day hot cocoa and sit around finding the words.  I chose some of my favorite Valentine’s Day words to hide such as “chocolate”, “friends” and “candy”.

Just as a pre-warning though.  It is a bit challenging.  The words are hidden in the most unusual ways – backwards, diagonally and even a combination of the two.

In case you have any difficulty finding the words, I also made a Valentine's Day Word Search Answer Key.  You can download it here.  This way if you get stumped, someone will know where the words are located.

You can download your Free Printable Valentine's Day Word Search here. Then, print on regular copy paper.  Use a pen or pencil to complete.

Work together as a family or classmates.  Or have the kids try to find the words individually.  See who can identify the most words first.  If your kids like friendly competition that is.


You can also transform this Valentine’s Day Word Search into a classroom Valentine.  For each Valentine, print out a copy of the word search.  Have your child sign their name on the bottom of the word search.

Roll each paper up and seal with a piece of Valentine’s Day washi tape (affiliate).  Then, attach a Valentine’s Day pen or pencil (affiliate).

Another idea is to mail your special valentines a copy of the word search with their Valentine’s Day cards.  It would be a sweet surprise that wouldn’t increase the postage when sending the cards.


Need some other ideas for Valentine’s Day?  Check out these Free Printable Animal Valentine’s Day Cards.  You can attach an animal themed eraser or even cute little squishy to them.

Free Printable Crayon Valentine Card

Or you could make these Heart Crayon Valentines.  Kids will love that they can use the homemade heart crayon to color the Valentine card in.

Want to save this Free Printable Valentine’s Day Word Search for later?  Pin it here.


Still need to save the design?  You can download your Free Printable Valentine's Day Word Search here.

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