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Vegetable Cupid Arrows

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As a teacher, Valentine’s Day always made me cringe just a little.  The holiday would take on the form of Halloween minus the trick or treating.  The class party was always filled with sugary sweets, cupcakes and other candy no matter how hard you tried to get in a healthy Valentine’s Day snack or two.

Now, that I’m a parent, I can see even more clearly the importance of those healthy snacks to counter all of the sugar.  But it doesn’t mean that healthy can’t be fun.  Just like we did with our ghost fruit kabobs and strawberry and donut kabobs, I’ve created a vegetable cupid arrow as our healthy Valentine’s Day snack this year.  The goal was to mix in easy to eat (and highly enjoyed) vegetables and transform them into a cupid’s arrow.  It worked, right?

These vegetable cupid arrows are simple to put together and perfect for a Valentine’s Day party, classroom celebration or even a healthy after school snack.

You Will Need:


Cherry Tomatoes

Kabob Sticks

Small Heart Cookie Cutter (affiliate)

Red Glitter Cardstock (affiliate)

Glue Dots (affiliate)

Mega Heart Craft Punch (affiliate) – You will need about a 2 to 2.5″ heart shape

1. To make your vegetable cupid arrows, peel your cucumber and slice cucumbers into half inch thick pieces.  Cut the pieces out with the small heart cookie cutter (a heart shaped fondant cutter is a great size for this project).

2.  Make your kabob arrow: Punch two medium sized hearts from the glitter cardstock.

Attach to one end of the kabob stick using Glue Dots.

3.  Carefully slide the cucumber slices onto the vegetable cupid arrows stacking them in a line.


4.  Add a cherry tomato at the top to be the point. (Slightly blunted arrow… not sure how successful Cupid would have been with these.)

healthy Valentine's Day snack

Your guests are sure to enjoy this healthy Valentine’s Day snack.  And if you have any trouble winning over the kids, parents are sure to enjoy the break from traditional sweet and salty party food.

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