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Washi Tape Pencils and Free Printable Apple Gift Tags

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It’s always fun to say thank you to teachers before the school year has begun. It let’s them feel appreciated from the beginning. I overheard a conversation the other day where the father was trying to find the teacher appreciation gift section of the big box store. His wife was quite skeptical that such a section existed.

I’m actually glad such sections aren’t available. Can you imagine how cheesy teacher gifts would get if we left them to the big box stores. Instead, the best teacher appreciation gifts still require a bit of creativity from the heart. It’s a challenge to find something useful that you could still put your stamp on.

Pencils are one thing that I could never have enough of as a teacher, especially pretty ones. It was always important to start off the school year with a set of beautiful sharpened pencils just for me. When you get tired of using the yellow chewed on ones from your students, you always had a hidden stash to fall back on.

With a little washi tape, pencils and candy tube, you can create a set of pretty washi tape pencils and free printable apple gift tags for a gift that looks like it came straight from the stationery shop.

You Will Need:

6 Natural Wood Pencils (Affiliate)

A variety of washi tape (Affiliate)

Gumball Candy Tube (Affiliate)


2.5 inch Circle Punch (Affiliate)

Baker’s Twine or Ribbon

Free Printable Apple Gift Tags


1. Choose a roll of washi tape. Measure the tape the length of the pencil.


2. Wrap the tape around the pencil, covering half of the pencil. Measure another length of tape. Wrap the second length of tape along the pencil. Trim any excess tape along the top and bottom of the pencil.


3. Repeat with five more pencils using coordinating washi tape patterns and colors (affiliate).


4. Place the pencils in a gumball candy tube. Print and cut out our free printable apple gift tag. Punch the tag out with a 2 and 1/2 inch circle punch or 3 inch scallop punch. No punch? Leave the tag square and trim to fit the candy tube.


Tie your gift tag on with baker’s twine. Add a little note to the back to make your child’s teacher feel extra special.

What a sweet gift for a special teacher.  Definitely not something you would come across in a big box store. These pencil tubes would also make a great party favor. Simply fill with an assortment of colored pencils and give to your party guests. Add a small drawing pad for extra fun!

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  1. Thanks for the great idea to kick off the school year. We start school in three weeks out in Colorado!

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