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One of my favorite family holiday traditions is our ornament making afternoon.  Every year, we set aside one day in November to create together in the studio.  We make lots of handmade ornaments.  While listening to Christmas music and sipping hot chocolate, of course.

To keep our ornament tradition interesting, I introduce a new crafting supply to our crafting fun.  One year, it was these wood slices (affiliate).  And another we played with blank ornament balls to see what we could create (affiliate).

This year, our new holiday crafting supply is buttons.  Lots and lots of buttons.

Do you remember this Fourth of July Star Button Art that I created a few seasons ago?  I arranged a variety of blue buttons into a star shape on red and white canvas.  It made a beautiful art piece.

Buttons are a great craft item to make with.  They’re easy to use and can give a pop of color when needed.

So when I stumbled upon this collection of green buttons (affiliate), I decided that they’d be perfect for our Christmas ornaments.  They came in lots of different shades of green, making them really fun to work with.

As I debated about what kind of ornament to make with these beautiful green buttons, I was reminded of a Christmas craft we made together a few years back.  The kids used their fingerprints to create a wreath on a mini canvas.  It was such a sweet craft and I cherish those ornaments (and their itty bitty fingerprints) every time I hang them on the tree.

When I saw the green buttons, they reminded me of that fingerprint wreath craft.  So, I made this button wreath ornament for this holiday season’s ornament craft.


The good news is that this wreath ornament is pretty easy to put together.  I’d almost call the process relaxing.  Something about layering the green buttons in the circle to create the wreath look.  It was fun playing around with them in different combinations to see which way I liked the best.

One important note about wreath ornament assembly.  To put together your button wreath ornament, you will need to use a glue gun.  So, this Christmas ornament craft is probably best for older kids.  Unless you have some helpers or a reliable low temp glue gun (affiliate).  Even with a kid friendly glue gun, I recommend having a helper or two if younger ones want to make it too.  It will prevent their button designs from scattering everywhere.

You Will Need:

An assortment of green buttons (affiliate)

4 inch Square Mini Canvas (affiliate)

Small Red Pom Poms (affiliate)

A circle to trace – about 3 inches – I used a jar lid


Narrow Ribbon

Glue Gun (affiliate)

1.  Place the circle template in the center of the 4 inch canvas square.  Lightly trace around it with a pencil.

2.  Choose 5 bigger buttons and lay them around the circle.  Leave some spacing between each button.  These are your centering buttons and the ones that you will layer the design on top of.  Try to choose buttons that vary in color and texture for an interesting look.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect button combination, glue those 5 buttons into place.

3.  Next, it’s time to add the rest of the green buttons to create your button wreath.  Lay out green buttons around the circle.  Add medium buttons first.

Then, continue around the circle with smaller buttons.  Layer the buttons so they fill out the wreath.  Work your way around the wreath, gluing down the buttons until they are all attached.


4.  Add the small red pom poms around the wreath for berries.

5.  Cut a piece of narrow red ribbon about six inches long.  Fold in half to create a loop.  Tie in a knot at the bottom.

6.  Glue the ribbon to the back of the mini canvas at the top.  Your ornament is ready to hang.


Where Can I Find Buttons?

We love crafting with buttons at our house, so I am constantly looking for them when I’m out.  When I know there is a specific craft that I want to make or color I need, I purchase my buttons in bulk online.  Here’s where I got these green buttons from (affiliate).

But collecting buttons from lots of places makes for a more interesting crafting adventure.  You can find buttons at flea markets, yard sales or thrift stores.  Be sure to keep your eyes open.  When you find some buttons that you love, pick them up even if you aren’t sure what you want to craft with them yet.  You never know what you might create with them.


How Can I Make this Craft as a Group?

One of my favorite holiday party ideas is an ornament making party.  Everyone loves to create.  Get your girlfriends together and make it a night out.  Or gather the kids for an ornament making play date.

As I mentioned above, although I loved making this ornament craft, it wouldn’t be the best one for younger kids.  I find that using a glue gun, even our favorite low temp one (affiliate), isn’t always the best choice for little fingers.  Especially if doing the craft as a group.

But if you’re working with older kids or adults, this craft would be perfect for a group.  Before guests arrive, I recommend tracing the circle on the canvas squares.  This way, crafters won’t have to share circle templates.

Arrange the buttons in easy to reach containers such as bowls, muffin tins or plastic storage bins.  Have a couple of glue guns turned on so that they are ready to go when the first crafter needs to start gluing.

Love this button ornament wreath idea and want to save it for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


And if you’re looking for other ornament craft ideas, be sure to check out our blog.  We love how these Pasta Christmas Ornaments turned out last year and can’t wait to hang them on the tree again.  We still have some left over painted pasta, so I will have to think about a creative way to use it this year.

Another idea is to make these amazing smelling cinnamon stick ornaments.  They are a great (and cute) way to make your entire room smell like Christmas.

If you need some holiday printables to help make the Christmas magic, be sure to check out our shop.  We have lots of tags, including our Lumps of Coal tag, which is one of my favorites to use for stocking stuffers.  And our printable Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Kit to give the gift of cookie decorating this holiday season.

Happy Celebrating,

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