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You’ve Been Egged Easter Activity

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I love a good neighborhood game just like the next person.  Something about the camaraderie that brings the community together makes me smile.

It’s also a great way to get to know your neighbors a little better.

One game that’s popular in our neighborhood is the “You’ve Been Booed” tradition.  Neighbors leave a surprise bucket full of treats on a doorstep around Halloween time.  The idea is that you ring the doorbell and then run away.  This way no one knows who the treats are from.

Also included in the treat basket is a second set of signs.  This way it’s easy for the people getting booed to spread the joy to others.  They can surprise another neighbor or friend with some more goodies.    

Once you’ve been booed, you place the sign announcing that your house was booed on your door.  That way you don’t get booed again.

It turns out that this You’ve Been Egged Easter activity isn’t that much different.  Mainly, it just involves Easter eggs versus a Halloween treat bucket. 

And the best news.  No real eggs are involved.  So it isn’t messy. Thank goodness. 


You’ve Been Egged Activity

Although similar to the You’ve Been Booed, the You’ve Been Egged tradition has much more meaning.  Although there are lots of different ways to “egg” someone, there is one interesting connection between all of them.

An empty egg.  You’ve Been Egged was originally created around the biblical story of Easter.  When egging someone’s house, you leave 12 eggs.  Eleven of these eggs are filled.  One is left empty to symbolize Jesus’ empty tomb.  

Where you leave these 12 eggs is up to you.  You could place them all in an Easter basket at the front door.  Or scatter them around the yard for the kids to find.

Most importantly, you want to use these Free Printable You've Been Egged signs to let your friends or neighbors know that they’ve been egged.  This prevents any confusion.  You wouldn’t want those you’re egging to wonder why there are Easter eggs scattered around their yard.

But, remember.  Whomever you egg shouldn’t know it’s you.  Try to deliver the Easter treats in secret.  It makes the You’ve Been Egged Activity much more fun.

You’ve Been Egged Supplies

12 plastic Easter eggs (Grab some pre-filled Easter eggs to save time.  Just remember to leave one of the eggs empty before egging your neighbors.) (affiliate)

Easter egg fillers (Check out these non-candy Easter egg filler ideas)

Easter Basket or Treat Bucket (a dollar store is a great place to find this)

Free Printable You’ve Been Egged signs (Download and print our original You've Been Egged Poem and You've Been Egged Door Sign here)

Medium White Cardstock (affiliate)


1. Download and print our original You've Been Egged poem and matching door sign.  Print on medium white cardstock or copy paper.  Make sure to include a second set of the designs to spread the egging fun to others.    

2.  Purchase an assortment of pre-filled Easter eggs or fill your own Easter eggs.  Also, add an Easter basket or treat bucket.  This is the perfect accessory for gathering the eggs around the yard.  Be sure to leave one Easter egg empty to represent Jesus’ empty tomb if desired. (affiliate)

How many Easter eggs should I leave?  Traditionally, the You’ve Been Egged tradition includes 12 eggs.  But if the family you are egging has lots of kids, 12 eggs might not go very far.  One option is to do 12 eggs per each child or two children.  So if the family has two kids, then leave 24 eggs. 

Another consideration is the age of the children.  Not all kids care about getting egged – especially older teens.   When deciding on the number of eggs to leave, use the kids’ ages as a guide.  

3.  Next, place two copies of the You’ve Been Egged poem and sign inside the empty Easter basket.  Spread the Easter eggs around the yard, garden area or even driveway.  

4.  Finally, ring the doorbell and RUN!  This is one of those activities that you want the element of surprise.  When we have egged others, we usually park down the street or hang in an area we can see their house.  It’s so much fun to watch the look of surprise on their faces from a distance.  


Need to Download your FREE Printables?

Before you can participate in this You’ve Been Egged activity, you need the right printables.  Be sure to download the You've Been Egged poem and matching door sign here.

Love this FREE Printable and want to save it for later?  Be sure to pin it below.



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