Hi everyone!  So glad you stopped by.

Welcome to One Simple Party.  Where we make celebrating easy and fun.

Since 2012, we’ve been creating unique designs to make your celebrations special.

Our shop started out as a handmade stationery shop called Katarina’s Paperie.  Although I enjoyed creating and hand making designs, so much has changed since we opened our doors. Most importantly, the design world has undergone a digital revolution.

No longer do you need me to customize, print and make your designs.  It is just as easy – if not easier – to purchase a design, print and create it yourself.  Without the need to wait for the postal service to deliver. 

The world really is a wonderful place.

We are a girl meets boy kind of story.  Except in our version, it’s a girl meets adorable new baby daughter. When my life changed that summer day, I realized that I had somebody very special to celebrate with.

Unfortunately I found that my options for creating those celebrations were limited to whatever my local party design shop or big box store had in stock.  Most of the themes that I dreamed up didn’t exist in a store yet.

But one’s imagination is a beautiful thing.  I took my ideas and spent naptimes creating designs that would help families celebrate more together.  My first collection of designs debuted in September 2012 and the rest is history.

It turns out that I have always been a designer at heart.  I fell in love with the design process.  It’s pretty amazing to see your own ideas come to life on the computer screen and somebody’s very important celebration.

Using my background as a second grade teacher, I am able to mix together my imagination, design skills and love of celebrating together to create beautiful things for kids and their families to enjoy.  It’s so much fun to design products that help people celebrate life’s special moments together.  .

My inspiration is found daily from my two delightful children – Little Bug and Baby M – as well as the joys of the world around us.  Our studio is tucked away in between the Amish farms of Lancaster, PA.

We love the energy of our local downtown and the quiet of the country.  Both landscapes influence my designs and artwork.  Although we often enjoy exploring the world around us, most of my free time is spent with my family and celebrating together.

Thanks so much for checking out our design shop.  I’m so happy you’re here and hope you enjoy your visit.

Happy Celebrating,

Natalie Stern