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Book Drool: Bakerella’s Holiday Cake Pops Book

At some point last Christmas I finally broke down and bought Bakerella’s original cake pops book.  It was after a conversation with my best friend about whether or not anyone had time to make such detailed works of art as cake pops.  And even though she’s right and I can’t see myself creating popcorn bags on a stick, I did glean some wonderful baking inspiration and cake pop tips that have helped me to successfully make basic cake pops since.

So when Bakerella’s new Holiday Cake Pops book came out, I knew that I wanted to be one of the first to take a peek.  Just like the first, it is full of holiday decorating inspiration and techniques that really can be applied to more than just cake pops.  From snow globes to gingerbread houses, all of the iconic holiday symbols are transformed into a beautiful cake pop dessert.  And if you wondering… no, I don’t see myself finding the time to decorate individual gingerbread house cake pops for my next party.  But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t drool and envy anyone who does!  Here are a few of my favorite cake pop ideas that are definitely getting my decorating wheels turning.

One feature of this book that is different from the original cake pop book is that Bakerella has made more use of forming the cake pops into different shapes.  For these Christmas trees, she uses a cone shape and then decorates them with white frosting on top to give them a tree like effect.  My favorite part, though, is the presents at the bottoms of the trees.  They are made from a variety of candies including wrapped Starbursts.

These polar bears stole my heart away they looked so festive and fun.  Exchanging the classic lollipop stick for red and white striped straws, the bear’s features are created with white M & Ms.  A black edible marker and confetti sprinkle dots help provide the final touches.

I’ve been considering purchasing a mini doughnut pan for awhile now, but have not been sure if it was worth buying with the knowledge that I would probably only make mini doughnuts a few times a year.  It was nice to see that these Christmas wreath cake pops give me a whole new reason to splurge on the pan.  They serve as the mold to getting the wreath shape.  I love when you can use kitchen pretties in multiple projects!

If I find myself with any spare moments this holiday season, I will be tackling some gingerbread house cake pops.  How adorable are these!  And to imagine that if you really have the time, you could make each one look completely individual.  Although I might not be able to find that kind of free time, I love how they are shaped into the gable house and then the fun sprinkles are added.  The decorative eaves are my favorite touch!  They really are works of art!

These pretty little snowglobes use the classic cake pop shape, but add some beautiful snowy details.  I love how Bakerella transformed the candy cup chocolate mold into the base of the cake pop.  How creative!  I can imagine adding different snowglobe scenes too with just polka dots or snowflakes.  You can get really creative!

Overall, this book was a lot of fun to page through.  Although I know I’ll never have the time to make all of them, it provides great inspiration for aspiring cookie decorators like myself.  Bakerella’s true talent is to change the ordinary decorating piece into the extraordinary by imagining basic candies and sprinkles as something else.  The creativity is amazing and if I can even add a small touch of Bakerella’s inspiration to my holiday baking this year, it’s worth all of the drooling.

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