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Tweet! Tweet! A DIY Spring Birdhouse for Your Dessert Table

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I am so excited to be styling my first dessert table for my grandmother’s 90th surprise birthday party this week. I did say surprise, but since she doesn’t read blogs, I think it’s safe to talk about it.

The theme I chose for the party is Birds and Blooms. To add some bird elements, I’ve been focusing on birdhouses.


I love birdhouses.  They make such a pretty spring accent and there are so many different ways to decorate them.  I saw this birdhouse at Hobby Lobby a few weeks back. I love how it’s raised up on a pedestal. It’s a great way to add height without hanging it up.

I wanted this special design element to have a personal touch and match the party colors – dark purple and mint green.  When styling a party, it’s important to add in the theme colors wherever possible.  This helps to pull together your design. While keeping the colors in mind, I crafted a mint green birdhouse with natural shingles and a dark purple 90 announcing the special event. The design kept with the garden party feel and made it a light and airy accessory for the table.

Here’s how to make your own DIY spring birdhouse for your dessert table – Birds and Blooms style, of course!

You Will Need:

A natural wood birdhouse (affiliate)

Dollhouse Miniature Unfinished Roof Shingles (affiliate)

Paint – white, mint green (I used Sea Glass from Americana – the closest match I could find to the mint green on the invitation), and purple

Wooden numbers  (You could choose the age of the guest of honor or select a special message like Congrats or It’s a Boy!.)

Glue gun and hot glue sticks

Modge Podge – Glossy Finish (affiliate)

Foam brushes (affiliate)

A short spindle (purchased at the home improvement store)

A 6 inch wooden plate

What To Do:

1. I wanted my birdhouse to have a more whimsical look, so I added balsam wood siding details. Measure each side of the birdhouse to decide where to place them.

Use pliers to cut each wood piece the correct size. Be sure to use angled cuts for the edges that will be along the roof line.

Glue them on with wood glue.

2. Paint the base, spindle, and bird house white. I used three to four coats to get a bright white finish. Let dry. Paint the numbers purple.

3. Paint the birdhouse the desired color. Mark off the edges with painter’s tape to keep a clean, white edge.

4. Add shingles to the roof. Use a hot glue gun to attach them. Lay the first row out on the edge of the roof. Then, lay additonal tiles out vertically until the roof is covered. Add stain or paint, if desired.

I liked the natural look, but I definitely could have made them a darker brown.

5. Drill or screw in a hole into the base. Be sure the bit or screw matches the size of the screw in the spindle. If using a spindle without a screw, just hot glue on.

6. Remove the painter’s tape. Modge Podge the birdhouse, spindle, and base. Use two coats for more even coverage and to give it an extra sparkle.

6. Glue the numbers on the birdhouse. I chose to place them prominently on the front eave, but you could also put them along the bottom edge.

7. Apply glue to the top of the spindle and glue the birdhouse to the top of it.

What a beautiful accessory to add height and color to your dessert table. I can’t wait to show you what it looks like with all of the other treats!

Happy Celebrating,


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