Free Printable Fiesta Bunting

You know that moment when you wake up and realize that the holiday you wanted to celebrate is – TODAY!  So, you pack the kids in the car and head to your nearest big box store because, despite living in a city with thousands of other holiday revelers, there must be at least one thing left on the shelves.

You get to the store and not only can you not find a thing in that holiday theme, but when you ask a sales associate they smile and inform you that they haven’t had those items in stock for… wait for it… weeks.  Which means the rest of the world (probably without kids) snatched up all of the holiday decorations before you could even remember it was that holiday.  Every. Single. Time.

Free Printable Fiesta Bunting

Although these might just be my mommyhood problems and they could easily be solved with some planning ahead, I thought I would share our new Free Printable Fiesta Bunting today just in case this happened to you this morning.  I know that this fiesta bunting would have been more helpful before Cinco de Mayo, but hopefully we saved you a trip to the store if you still wanted to have a decoration or two up for your big taco night tonight.

Free Printable Fiesta Bunting

Our Free Printable Fiesta Bunting features a fun colorful stripe, bold type and a cactus or two.  It’s sure to help you get in the mood to celebrate.  Even if it just means that you will make tacos for dinner.

Haven’t made a DIY bunting yet?  They are really simple to make – promise.  You can check out the step by step photo directions on our bunting resource page.  For this bunting, I cut out the bunting pieces using scissors (and my paper trimmer).

I measured out a piece of bright green baker’s twine and taped it onto the back.  The key is to remember to spell your words backwards.  So for “fiesta”, start with the “A” and not the “F” or it will spell “ATSEIF” instead of “FIESTA”.

Free Printable Fiesta Bunting

You can download your Free Printable Fiesta Bunting here.  Happy Cinco de Mayo and Olé!

Happy Celebrating,


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