How to Make Ice Cream Cone Wrappers

One of my favorite summertime treats is ice cream.  And when I’m hosting a summer celebration, I love to serve this delicious treat on ice cream cones.

Now, let’s be clear.  It’s perfectly acceptable to eat ice cream from a bowl.  And if it’s really, really hot outside, this choice is probably recommended.  Especially with small children that haven’t quite learned how to control the drips. 

That being said, there is something about licking cold, creamy scoops off of a cone that makes it officially summer.  And enjoying the melted ice cream and crunchy cone bliss at the end is worth any melting mess that might occur.

If you do decide to serve ice cream on cones at your summer celebration, it’s always fun to dress the ice cream cone up with ice cream cone wrappers.  This simple to make printable can be printed, cut and then wrapped around the ice cream cone.  And who doesn’t love some sharks or mermaids swimming along with their ice cream treat.

To make your own ice cream cone wrappers, you will need to start with a printable design.  You can choose from a variety of ice cream cone wrapper designs in our shop or find some free printable versions here.

You will also need double sided tape, scissors and your favorite brand of ice cream cones.  As much as I love a good waffle cone or cake cone, these ice cream cone wrappers are designed to fit sugar cones only.

After you choose your ice cream cone wrapper design, print on copy paper.  If you can remember the last time you purchased an ice cream cone, there was probably a paper wrap around the cone.  That’s the type of ice cream wrapper that you are going to make.  So, instead of cardstock like we usually use when creating party printables, for this project you want to keep the paper as lightweight as possible.

Once you’ve printed your ice cream cone wrapper design, cut it out. 

Then center the ice cream cone wrapper design on your ice cream cone.   

Wrap the ice cream cone wrapper around the cone and secure the edges using double sided tape or a Glue Dot.

Ice cream cone wrappers don’t have to be saved just for summer parties.  I love to wrap up a set of ice cream cones when I bring them home from the supermarket.  Then, they are ready for all of our summertime fun.  The kids get so delighted when I serve their ice cream with a decorated cone.  Can’t quite explain it, but I love the extra smiles and it’s worth the work.

Want to make your own ice cream cone wrappers for your next party?  Check out our printable ice cream cone wrapper designs in our shop here.

Here’s to a summertime ahead full of ice cream delights!  

Happy Celebrating,