Handmade First Birthday Bibs

I love Etsy for many reasons, but one of the main ones is because they are my go-to resource when I need something for a party that I can’t easily make myself.

As you all learned from my hat making experience, sewing is not my strong suit. I’ll even admit that the sewing machine has been sitting in the closet since I finished Little Bug’s hats back in November. So when I decided she needed a special first birthday bib to match her red gingham dress, I knew this was a party element that I wasn’t going to create myself.

I turned a beautiful little shop called Too Cute Designs by Jeannette for some coordinating handmade first birthday bibs. The name is very appropriate because her designs are adorable.

When I had looked for bibs in the stores, I found they were all very pink. Although I love Little Bug on pink, it didn’t match her dress and definitely not the party.

Too Cute Designs had these perfect bibs. The cow print matched one of the party patterns and the red gingham will go with Little Bug’s dress. Plus, isn’t the K absolutely adorable? Jeannette’s craftsmanship on the sewing machine reminds of how far my sewing skills need to come before I would be able to make bibs for a party. By the time that happens my kids will be long past bib wearing years.

The bib set came with two bibs, both of which could have been monogrammed. You can choose any fabric she has, but I opted for the cute farm animal pattern without a monogram to help show it off.  I love how the cows and horses look like they’re wearing socks.  And the terri cloth that Jeannette used on the back is really soft, which will be great against Little Bug’s sensitive skin.

Photo by Too Cute Designs

Too Cute Designs also makes initialed t-shirts, cute toddler dresses and monogrammed bags. My favorite is this cupcake tutu outfit. I might have to buy it for next year’s birthday!

I am so excited to see Little Bug wearing her bib next week. I can’t believe a year has gone by already!

Happy Celebrating,


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