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Free Printable Preschool Rocked Quote Bubble

Free printable Preschool Rocked Quote Bubble

Almost two years ago now I shared this free printable back to school quote bubble.  I remember taking the pictures of Little Bug holding it and thinking how big my little girl had gotten.  Preschool seemed like such a big step back then.  Where does the time go?

Now my Little Bug thinks that PRESCHOOL ROCKED and is ready for graduation.  Yes, just like that.  And, although I know she had a wonderful time, I am going to miss her dearly when she starts a longer school day next year.  I don’t think we got nearly all of the things done that I wanted to together…  but, hopefully, we touched on some of the important things.

Free printable Preschool Rocked Quote Bubble

So, for anyone else who is congratulating their preschooler on a job well done this school year, I created a follow-up to my original free printable quote bubble sign.  This free printable Preschool Rocked quote bubble says “Preschool Rocked” because, well, it did.  They were some of my favorite years so far being a mommy.  I especially loved watching my little one grow into a confident little lady.

Free printable Preschool Rocked quote bubble

You can download your free printable Preschool Rocked quote bubble here.  I recommend printing on medium to heavy white cardstock (a black and white printer is fine for this design) and cut out.  Glue onto a paper straw, popsicle stick or just have your child hold up for their photo shoot.

Free printable Preschool Rocked quote bubble

And if you happen to need a matching Preschool Rocked t-shirt, check out this one I just added to our shop.  It’s a great way to let everyone know how much your child loved preschool and would make a fun outfit to wear for your preschool graduation picture or end of year party.  (You can also find a Kindergarten Rocked t-shirt for any graduating kindergarteners!)

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