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Puppy Party Dog Collar Charms

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Puppy Party Dog Collar Charms

One of my favorite puppy party ideas that I discovered was creating an adopt-a-puppy station as the party favor.  I decided to take this favor idea a step further and make it the party activity.  Due to the young age group, we focused on decorating dog carrier boxes (large white gable boxes).  It was definitely enough to keep our group of two year olds busy.

Each guest picked out an adorable stuffed dog as their newly adopted puppy.  Then, the kids colored their white gable boxes with washable markers, added foam stickers and wrote the dog’s names in stickers.  After their puppies’ new homes were complete, each child chose a ribbon collar with a dog collar charm.

To make the ribbon collars easy to take on and off, I added small Velcro dots on the ends. They also picked out some puppy treats (Cocoa Puffs cereal), so they’d already have dog food when they got home.

As an extra little touch, I made these adorable puppy party dog collar charms using bottle cap jewelry charms.  You can find the free printable one inch paw print circles here.  You can also add our puppy adoption certificate and other activity signage to make your puppy party extra special.

You Will Need:

Free printable 1 inch paw print circles

Bright White Cardstock, 65 lb

Flat Bottle Cap Pendants with Holes

Epoxy Stickers for Bottle Cap Pendants, 1-Inch

E6000 Glue



1. Print your free printable 1 inch paw print circles.  Place an epoxy circle over one of the paw prints, smoothing the cardstock to make sure there are no bubbles.


2. Cut out the paw print circle using scissors.  Let the epoxy circle be your guide.


3. Place a dot of E6000 glue in the center of the bottle cap charm.  Press the paw print circle into the center of the bottle cap.  Wipe off any excess glue.  Let dry.


4. Attach the bottle cap charm to the ribbon collar.  Add small Velcro circles to the end of the ribbon to help open and close.

These cute little puppies made the perfect thank you gift for Little Bug’s friends.  On their way home, the children filled out an adoption certificate to promise to take good care of their new stuffed friend.  It was such a sweet activity for the toddler age group and the perfect way to share Little Bug’s love of puppies with her friends.

Happy Celebrating,

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