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Free Printable Airplane Craft

Airplane party craft

We’ve been flying up, up and away at the studio lately.  With our addition of the vintage airplane invitation in the shop and winter taking flight this week in the form of very cold weather, I decided to dream up an airplane party craft that both Little Bug and I could make together.

Using our new vintage airplane photo invitation as inspiration, I wanted to create an airplane kids craft that really could take flight.  This bi-plane was fun to make and sturdy enough to handle a toddler flying it around our living room.

It’s perfect for any vintage airplane themed party or just a fun craft to make on a cold and dreary November afternoon.  I can’t wait until Baby M is big enough to play with one too.  Then we can have dueling bi-planes taking flight in our home’s friendly skies.

You Will Need:

Free Printable Vintage Airplane Cut Out
Black Striped Paper Straws
Black Crepe Paper Streamers
Clear Packing Tape


1. Download, print and cut out the Free Printable Vintage Airplane Cut Out.


2. Cut out your airplane following the dotted lines.


3. Glue the paper straw onto the back of the plane cut out.


Measure and cut black crepe paper to about 2 foot strips. Let dry.


4. Add a piece of clear packing tape to make the plane sturdy enough to fly.  (This also cuts the drying time in half for any impatient toddlers and makes it ready to take to the skies so much sooner.)

Let your plane take flight and enjoy the local skies at your airplane themed party, playdate or afternoon with the kids.  

Little Bug loved running around with her airplane.  At one point she stopped and just started staring at the plane. When I asked her what she was doing, Little Bug responded simply with “Watching”.  She was imagining the planes flying.  Who knew a paper airplane could cheer up such a dreary afternoon?

Happy Celebrating,

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