Ballerina Tutu Milk Bottles

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Ballerina tutu milk bottles

One of my favorite parts about entertaining – especially hosting kids’ parties – is coming up with creative ways to style the food and drink.  Looking at your food and drinks area as its own creative canvas gives you a chance to add your personal touch through paper décor, and other unique craft projects.

For your little ballerina’s next birthday, play date or even a ballet inspired baby shower, these adorable ballerina tutu milk bottles would add the perfect touch to a drinks station.  Made from ribbon and tulle, these little tutus fit perfectly around a glass or plastic milk bottle.  Or you could even use them as a napkin ring.

I filled my ballerina tutu milk bottles with strawberry milk and add a few drops of red food coloring to make them pink.  Add a pink and white striped straw and your ballet inspired drinks will be all set. Your little ballerinas are sure to love it!

You Will Need:

5/8″ Ribbon (I recommend a light pink since some of it does show through)

Light Pink Tulle

Darker Pink Tulle


Glue Dots

Vintage Glass Milk Bottles (You can also use recycled Frappucino bottles like we do)

1. Cut a piece of ribbon that measures the width of the center of your milk bottle.  Be sure to allow for a little extra on the end for securing your tutu.

2.  Measure out 4 to 6 inch pieces of tulle. Tie the first piece of tulle onto the center of the ribbon.

Add pieces of tulle to either side working your way out to the edges of the ribbon.  Be sure to alternate colors between light pink and dark pink.

Once the tutu is finished, trim the bottom edge if you find your tulle is too long.

3.  Attach a glue dot to one end of the tutu and stick to the middle of the ballerina milk bottle.  Wrap the tutu around the milk bottle and attach the other end using another Glue Dot.  Fluff the tutu if necessary.

Fill your ballerina tutu milk bottles with strawberry milk for a fun drink at your ballet themed celebration.  Or you could use it as favor packaging for a ballerina birthday or baby shower.  Fill with pink candies such as M&Ms, attach a matching favor tag and send home as a sweet treat for guests to enjoy.

Ballerina tutu milk bottles

Planning a party for your little ballerina?  Check out our ballet themed invitations and ballerina party décor set.  It’s such a fun way to invite your guests to dance and twirl with the birthday girl.

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