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Little Man Bow Tie Onesie Clothesline

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One of my favorite places to decorate for parties and holidays is the fireplace mantle. I love the creativity this space allows for and it has become one of my requirements when choosing a home.


For Baby M’s Little Man Sip and See, I created a little man bow tie onesie clothesline for a decoration.  As the key for most projects these days, I needed a version that did not involve sewing.  Fusible webbing has become one of my new best friends.  With a few snips and a very hot iron, I created five different bow tie onesies. By adding some iron on fabric letters, I even had a personalized one that said “Little Man”.  We’ve even been having fun wearing the different onesies around town. I love decorations that are multi-purpose!

You Will Need Is:

5-Pack White Onesies Bodysuits (I recommend getting a good quality version at a baby store)
Fabric Letters
Scraps of fabric that match your party’s color palette
Lightweight Fusible Interfacing
Free printable bow tie pattern
Piece of cardboard
Pinking Shears, 8 Inch

1. Cut out a bow tie pattern from our free printable bow tie pattern.


Trace the bow tie in light pencil on the reverse side of the fabric.


Cut out the bow ties using pinking shears.

2. Using the same pattern, cut out a bow tie shape from the fusible webbing. Place a piece of cardboard inside the bodysuit.


Layer the fabric bow tie on top of the fusible web cut out. Lay down a damp towel on top. This helps fuse the fabrics together.


With a heated iron, press down on top of the towel and iron the bow tie down. Let cool.

3. To add the letters, cut out the fabric letters to spell Little Man.


Arrange the letters on one of your onesies. Using a damp towel on top, iron the letters onto the fabric.


Peel the plastic coating off the letters.  Let cool.

4. For your clothesline display, measure out a piece of coordinating bakery’s twine the length of the mantel or wall.


Hang up using packing tape or small picture frame hooks. Attach the bow tie onesie set to the clothesline using mini clothespins.



This clothesline would also make a cute dessert table backdrop or gift corner decoration. The nicest part is that the mom-to-be can use the bow tie onesies when the baby arrives.

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