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Free Printable Halloween Straw Flags


I’ve being doing a lot of evaluating of party supplies lately. With the shop’s one year anniversary and the beginning of a new year approaching, I’ve been trying to decide what party accessories you really crave at a party.  The one accessory that keeps coming up in discussion is the paper straw.

Paper straws are so much fun, no matter what the event. I find they can relax guests and encourage fun conversation. Of course, kids love them and for some of Little Bug’s friends, as I’ve learned, it’s the only way they’ll drink anything. So, I’ve started keeping a supply around for pop up play dates and fun afternoon snack times.

The best part about paper straws is that you can make them look pretty with a little flag flair. From straw flags that identify which drink is yours to message flags shouting Happy Birthday and mustache flags that encourage guests to sport a new satche as they sip, straw flags are the perfect way to add some extra pizzazz to this fun party decoration.


To celebrate Halloween, we have created two free printable Halloween straw flags. You can choose between the spooky Happy Halloween flags or the delightful “Eat, Drink and Be Scary”.  Both are now available as free instant downloads at our shop. To get the rustic Halloween look, print out on natural kraft cardstock.  Then cut and assemble onto your paper straws.

Speaking of straws, have you checked out this orange and black Halloween straw collection?  These Halloween straw flags would look perfect adorning the straws’ chevron stripes.  What a fun addition to any Halloween party, classroom celebration or to add a little spooky to snack time!

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