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Candy Corn Vegetable Tray

Candy Corn vegetable tray

When planning a Halloween party, my focus is usually on the sweets – cupcakes, cakes, candy, etc.  I used to believe that the entire reason Halloween was created was to give us an excuse to indulge on sugar before Christmas. 

Now that I have kids, though, my view has changed.  Although I still like to set the Halloween tablescape with sweet goodies, I also like to include some healthier options.  It helps cut down on the sugar overload and I find fellow parents are quite appreciative.

Candy corn vegetable tray

As I start to plan this year’s Halloween party treats, I created a candy corn vegetable tray (without a single piece of candy corn in sight).  It’s easy to put together and filled with vegetables that the kids are sure to love.

You Will Need:

1 to 2 Cucumbers (depending on size)

2 Yellow Peppers

1 Bag of Baby Carrots

French Onion Dip (pre-made or a mix)

A large serving platter

A small bowl for dip


1.Slice up the cucumbers and yellow peppers into kid friendly sizes.


2. Add carrots to the bottom portion of the candy corn.


Above the carrots, add the yellow peppers as a second layer of the candy corn.


3.  Place the small bowl filled with dip on top of the yellow peppers.


Add cucumber slices around the dip bowl to fill it in.

You can serve your candy corn vegetable tray at a Halloween party, classroom event or other fall themed celebration.  If taking it to a celebration, pack each vegetable in separate containers.  Bring along a large serving platter and lay out the vegetable platter once you’re at the party.

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