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Chalkboard Planters and Free Printable Teacher Plant Gift Tags


When I was a teacher, this was the week in April we always looked forward too.  It was always so sweet of the kids to show us how much they loved our lessons and activities with their handmade gifts, luncheons and other teacher fun.  It was also a well needed break right before testing season and the craziness of preparing for summer holidays.


Now that Little Bug has a special set of teachers of her own, I am so excited to create a thoughtful teacher appreciation gift for them.  This year I’ve been inspired by the spring time weather and how much my little girl has “bloomed” in their care.  So, I’ve designed a free printable teacher appreciation gift tag that says “Thanks for helping me bloom!”.

For our gifts, I’ve matched the teacher appreciation tags with these chalkboard planters.  Each chalkboard planter is filled with a seed packet, plant sign and piece of chalk.  You could even add a baggie of dirt.

These were easy to make and will let the teachers try out their green thumbs this spring.  These plant pots would also make wonderful teacher thank you gifts for the end of the school year.

You Will Need:

Clay Pot

Chalkboard Paint (I recommend spray paint for a smoother finish)

Drop Cloth


Seed Packets

Medium Glassine Bags

Mini Heart Kraft Stickers

Garden Twine

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Tags

Paper Straws

Lime Decorative Shred or other Basket Fill

1.  Wipe off your clay pot with a damp cloth.  After it dries, set up your painting area in a well ventilated space.  Spray paint the outside of each pot with chalk board paint.


2.  Package your seed packet in a medium glassine bag.  We chose flowering plant seeds that grow between 8 to 12 inches.  Our seeds included impatiens, daisies and pansies.  Seal the bag closed with a mini kraft sticker.

3.  Wrap the garden twine around your glassine bag and tie with a bow.  Attach a piece of chalk to your seed packet.


4.  Print out your Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Tags.  Punch out a 3 inch round circle or cut.  Attach a paper straw to the back of your tag.  This makes the perfect plant marker for your gift.


5.  Fill each pot with lime green decorative shred or other basket type fill.  Write a name or message on the chalkboard part of the pot.  Tie a piece of garden twine around the top of the pot.  Fill with a small bag of dirt, your seed packet and plant marker.  You could also add some other fun gardening goodies such a pair of gloves or a mini trowel.

These chalkboard planters are such a sweet way to say thank you to such hardworking and caring individuals.  We hope everyone has a wonderful teacher appreciation week!

Happy Celebrating,


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