Honey Bear Bottle Bubble Favors

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Honey Bottle Bubble Favors

I have been in love with honey bear bottles since I was little.  There’s something about their adorable little bellies and sweet smiles that makes you want to eat honey even more.  It’s been a delight to see Little Bug fall in love with the bear shaped bottle too.  She requests the bottle by name (“bear”) and then rocks him happily.  And Little Bug doesn’t even eat a lot of honey.

So for our recent Teddy Bear Picnic playdate, I created a set of honey bear bottle bubble favors for the kids to take home.  Filled with bubble mixture and an attached homemade bubble wand, these adorable honey bear bottle bubble favors.  They made quite an exit as a fun kids party favor.

To make 6 bubble favors, you will need:

6 empty Plastic Honey Bear Bottles, 12-Ounce

1 large bottle or 5 small bottles of bubble mix

6 pipe cleaners (in the color of your choice)

narrow ribbon (in the color of your choice)


1.  Fill each honey bear bottle with bubble mix.  Depending on how much bubble mixture you have, fill the bottles up to the top.

Twist on the cap and the bottle’s seal will set.  This will prevent any leakage before using!

2.  Create your pipe cleaner bubble wand.  Bend the top of the pipe cleaner and make a small circle shape.  Twist the end of the pipe cleaner with the wand to close.  Depending on how long you want your bubble wand, trim off one to two inches from the end.

Fold up the bottom of the pipe cleaner and twist.  Create a loop at the bottom if desired.

3.  Tie a ribbon around the honey bear bottle.  Slip in the pipe cleaner wand.  Add a tag or other embellishment if desired.

These little honey bears would make adorable birthday party favors, a surprise summer treat or even an end of the year present for your child’s friends.  I can’t wait to spend some summer afternoons blowing bubbles with Little Bug in the near future!

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