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Christmas Gift Ideas for Bakers

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Bakers

When I was brainstorming Christmas gift ideas over the weekend, I suddenly realized how many bakers are in my life.  From my best friend to aunts and grandmothers, it seems that everyone I know likes to spend some time in the kitchen.

So what do you get those bakers in your life this holiday season?  Here are some Christmas gift ideas for bakers and a sneak peek at one special baking gift I just assembled.

Fine Cute Packaging

Don’t just assemble items randomly in a box.  Come up with a cute packaging idea for your present.  An oven mitt, mixing bowl or bundt pan all make the perfect vessels for your baking inspired gift and can be used long afterwards.


Give Items that Need to be Replenished

Many bakers have a lot of the necessary kitchen accouterments, so focus on giving items that run out or are used up.  Examples include favorite food color dyes (affiliate), gourmet spices, baker’s twine (affiliate), glassine bags (affiliate), cupcake liners or even a good bottle of vanilla.

Pick a Color or Seasonal Theme

When selecting items for a gift basket, it helps to focus on a color or seasonal theme.  Just because it’s a Christmas gift, doesn’t mean you need to make it a holiday baking gift.  Choose color inspiration you know the recipient loves, such as pink and purple. 

You can also assemble a baking collection to use for an upcoming holiday such as Valentine’s Day or Easter.  Not into using a holiday theme?  Create a basket centered around spring or summer.  There are lots of ways to be creative!  


Add Some Unexpected Fun

One of the joys I find in baking are all of the cool products they have to use in the kitchen.  I literally could spend all day in a kitchen store. Add an item that you know is new to your recipient.  For this baking present, I included food coloring pens (affiliate) since they’re lots of fun to play with and I know she’s never seen them before.

Repackage Items into Creative Packaging

Gift baskets are so much more fun when all of the items are creatively wrapped.  Take little baking items out of their original packaging and place in cello bags, small boxes or other containers.  Embellish the packaging with stickers, ribbon, washi tape or other fun decorations.


Think Beyond the Kitchen

Although the kitchen is the first thing I think about when it comes to a baking gift, think beyond actual baking and include some other creative extras.  Baking stickers (affiliate), kraft bakery boxes (affiliate) and baker’s twine (affiliate) all make wonderful packaging accessories for a baker.  You also might want to include parchment paper, decorative cello bags or creative treat boxes.


Gift baskets are so much fun to put together, especially for bakers.  I can’t wait to get this first gift of the season wrapped up and headed to my friend.  Now, onto the next person on my list.

Happy Celebrating,

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