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Patriotic Firecracker Fruit Parfaits

When designing a party, we always start by listing all of the traditional symbols and items that are related to that theme. Fourth of July is such a fun holiday to design for because of all of the fun symbolism – fireworks, the American flag, stars and stripes, bald eagle, Uncle Sam’s hat – the list goes on and on. Once we identified the different elements of a theme, we can then create desserts and decorations that represent it creatively.  And these patriotic firecracker fruit parfaits were born.

Patriotic Firecracker Fruit Parfaits

For Fourth of July, firecrackers came to mind immediately. I’ve only lit firecrackers on my own once in my life – and my parents would have killed me if they’d known. I was eight years old and visiting my California relatives. I did a LOT of things that summer that my own parents would have never let me try! I asked where we would go to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July. The response was “Why do we have to go anywhere?”

Dancing around the yard with my first sparkler was pretty amazing and listening as the firecrackers exploded throughout the night made it a Fourth of July to remember! In honor of this special memory, I created patriotic firecracker fruit parfaits for our upcoming barbecue. Mixing fruit, vanilla cake, whipped cream and licorice sparkler on top, these delicious desserts are definitely a guest favorite for any red, white and blue themed event!

To Make 12 Firecracker Desserts You Will Need:

12 Mini Dessert Cups
1/2 cup of strawberries
1 vanilla round cake – crumbled (save the extra round cake for a later dessert)
1/2cup of blueberries
Frozen whipped topping – thawed
Red licorice cut into 2 inch pieces

1. Fill the bottom of each dessert cup a third of the way with strawberries.

2. Layer another third of the cup with crumbled cake.

3. Layer the last third of the cup with blueberries.

4. Top the blueberries with a layer of whipped topping, filling it to the top of the cup.

Patriotic Firecracker Fruit Parfaits

5. Add a piece of licorice sticking out of the whipped topping.

These delicious firecracker fruit parfaits are the perfect mix of sweet and fruity. Serve on a cupcake stand, a decorative tray or, if you can’t choose just one favorite patriotic dessert, give your guest an option with a mixed dessert tray.

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