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Free Printable Retro Christmas Candy Circles


I’m always impressed by the arrival of shelf upon shelf of holiday candy this time of year.  I’ve come to expect a surge in candy around Halloween, but the popularity of sweet treats during the holiday season always takes me by surprise.  I remember when I worked as seasonal help in our local chocolate shop during December.  Customers wouldn’t leave without armfuls of truffle boxes, chocolate covered strawberries and other mouthwatering sweets.  I always imagined the excited (or maybe not) recipients of all of that luscious rich chocolate and couldn’t believe what a popular gift it was.


Although I don’t want to gift that much chocolate, I do like to sneak some sweet treats into my loved ones stockings on Christmas Eve.  Instead of using the traditional cello bag wrapping this year, I decided to put a twist on the packaging and use a clear plastic candy tube.  The 8 inch long design of this fun packaging makes it fit snugly into the stocking.  I wanted to dress up the plain Hershey kisses and make them more festive, so I designed a set of free printable retro Christmas candy circles.  Santa will be all set to deliver these Hershey Kiss Candy Tubes on Christmas night.


Retro Christmas Hershey Kiss Candy Tubes

Hershey Kisses – Each tube fits 12 chocolate kisses

8 inch Clear Candy Tubes

A set of Retro Christmas Candy Circles

3/4 Inch Circle Punch

Full Page Shipping Labels

Embellishments for the Candy Tube – Ribbon, Small Ornaments, etc.



1.  Print out a set of the free printable Retro Christmas Candy Circles on a full sheet of sticker paper.



2. Cut off a column of the stickers.



Punch out each circle using the 3/4 inch punch.



3.  Attach each sticker to the bottom of the Hershey Kisses.  Fill a candy tube with 12 chocolate kisses.  Put the cap on the tube.



4.  Add some festive embellishments to the top tube, such as ribbon, small ornaments or other fun holiday addition you can think of.


If you don’t want to create a candy tube, you can package the Hershey kisses in a cello bag or gift box to make a simple and sweet gift for someone special.  For a party, put some decorated Hershey kisses in a bowl for guests to enjoy.  The candy circles design also makes a great set of holiday confetti.  Just print on cardstock and punch out with your 3/4 inch punch.  However you decide to use this fun holiday decoration, Katarina’s Paperie hopes you have a very merry season filled with family, friends and happiness.  Happy Holidays!






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