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Free Printable Secret Santa Tags

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Growing up, our family’s Secret Santa gift exchange on Christmas Day was one of my favorite parts of our Christmas tradition.  We would gather together and each cousin would exchange a gift with another cousin. 

On the back of each Secret Santa gift tag was a clue to read before opening the gift.  Before ripping open the wrapping paper, you would read your clue and try to guess who the gift giver was.  Most of the time we were wrong, but it was still a lots of fun trying to figure it out.

A Secret Santa gift exchange is a fun holiday game that encourages all of your guests to get into the gift giving fun.  And it’s a lot easier to choose a special something for just one person (instead of feeling like you have to get gifts for everyone).  And since it’s Christmas, gift giving is a holiday tradition.


One of the things that every Secret Santa gift needs, though, is a gift tag.  Although you could just use a regular holiday gift tag, it’s kind of fun to attach one specially designed for Secret Santa gifts.

For your Secret Santa gift exchange, I have designed two versions of these Free Printable Secret Santa Tags.  The designs feature a variety of holiday gifts wrapped in decorative Christmas packaging. 


The first Secret Santa tag design has “From your Secret Santa” on the front of the tag.  You can then write the gift recipient’s name and a clue on the back if desired.  This tag is perfect to attach to gifts that you give throughout the week.  If you are participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange that includes multiple gifts given throughout the week, this tag is perfect for attaching to each of those gifts.


The second Secret Santa tag design has space to include the gift recipient’s name on the front.  You can then add a clue on the back.  If you are placing your gift under a tree with lots of other gifts for the Secret Santa gift exchange, it’s definitely a good idea to include the recipient’s name.  You wouldn’t want your gift to get lost in the gift giving commotion.

To make your Secret Santa tag, download the PDF files and print on medium to heavy white cardstock (this is our favorite cardstock option for gift tags (affiliate)).  Trim along the dotted lines.  Add a hole at the top if you plan on hanging.  Thread through ribbon or baker’s twine (affiliate).  You can also attach to the gift with decorative washi tape or a natural mini clothespin (affiliate).

Another important piece of a Secret Santa gift exchange is figuring out what to give.  Unlike a White Elephant Gift Exchange, the goal of a Secret Santa is to give the person something they will truly love.

This can be hard if you don’t know the person very well.  And guessing isn’t really an option.  Nor is directly fishing for clues, since the person will probably guess that you’re their Secret Santa.

So if you’re hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange with a group that doesn’t know a lot about each other yet, it’s a great idea to ask for gift ideas.  From everyone.


To find out this information, you can pass out this Free Printable Secret Santa Questionnaire.  Hand them out when you assign Secret Santa names or send an electronic version as a follow up.  You can download your Secret Santa Questionnaire here.

Ready to get started on planning your Secret Santa gift exchange?

For a ideas to host your own successful Secret Santa, check out these tips here.  You can also download your Free Printable Secret Santa Tags below.

Secret Santa Tag Design #1 Secret Santa Tag Design #2 Free Printable Secret Santa Information Card

Not quite ready to wrap up you Secret Santa gifts yet?  Pin this post for later!


And if you are looking for other pretty tag options to adorn your gifts this holiday season, check out the assortment of printable gift tags we have in our shop.  From dinosaurs wishing a “Rawry Christmas” to letting recipients know that they made the nice list, there are lots of ways to make your gifts shine.  

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season ahead.

Happy Celebrating,


  1. Very neat idea to dress up the gift a bit! My wife and I have resorted to the black permanent marker straight on the paper method over the years! Lol!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by. I love a well wrapped gift and labels help make it even prettier. Although permanent marker is easier, you can keep a few paper labels pre-made on hand for gifts. Then, you can just grab one in a hurry. This can save a lot of time in the wrapping process. Thanks again.

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