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DIY Kids Christmas Charades Game

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Kids Christmas Charades Game

We’ve been really getting into games lately around here now that the weather is colder and days are shorter.  Not the traditional board games, though it seems, but more active games.  Ones where the kids need to get up and move or do something physical.  Must be the age.

To have some action packed fun this holiday, I created a kids version of Christmas Charades.  Since many of you have older and younger children or might want to play kids versus adults, I made two versions of the charade activities (easy and hard) and used washi tape to differentiate the levels.  I imagine us playing this after dinner during Christmas week or Christmas Day afternoon when we need a break from opening presents.


I’ve packaged it so you could also bring it as a holiday hostess gift.  It would be fun to arrive to a family friendly dinner party or holiday get together with entertainment in hand instead of another knick knack for the house.

You Will Need:

Washi Tape – 2 different holiday patterns

Jumbo Wood Craft Sticks – like tongue depressors

Half Pint Jelly Jar – 8 oz.

Bakers Twine or Thin Ribbon


1. Measure off a piece of washi tape about 1 1/2 inches long.  Attach it to the tip of the popsicle stick.


Trim around the top edge with scissors.


2.  Create an even number of sticks in each washi tape design for your game.  We made 12 of each design.  Decide which washi tape pattern will be for the easy items and which for the hard.


3.  Write one charades activity on each popsicle stick.  Here is a list of suggested activities to get you started.  E means their easier and H means their harder.  There are lots of different ideas, though, so be sure to get creative.

  • Elves working (E)
  • Sleigh ride (H)
  • The Polar Express (H)
  • Lighting a candle (E)
  • Building a snowman (E)
  • Christmas shopping (H)
  • Singing carols (H)
  • Baking cookies (E)
  • Decorating the Christmas tree (E)
  • Making a gingerbread house (H)
  • Wrapping presents (H)
  • Cutting down the Chrismas tree (H)
  • Ice skating (E)
  • The Nutcracker ballet (H)
  • Santa Claus (E)
  • Writing list to Santa (H)
  • 12 Days of Christmas song (H)
  • Opening presents (E)
  • Going sledding (E)
  • Sipping hot cocoa (E)
  • Sitting on Santa’s lap (H)
  • Sledding (E)

Depending on the age of your kids, you can also add kids holiday movies, song titles and Christmas phrases (such as Holly Jolly),


4.  Add your charades popsicle sticks into the mason jar.  Tie a piece of baker’s twine or ribbon around the top for a festive touch.

Keep your Christmas charades game within reach for quiet holiday evenings.  You could also add this fun activity to your advent countdown calendar if you use one.  The kids will love spending this special time with you.

Prefer Christmas charades cards instead?  Check out these Free Printable Christmas Charades Cards.  Simply download, print and trim.  Christmas charades will be ready to play in no time.

Not ready to play Christmas charades yet?  Be sure to pin me for later!

Happy Celebrating,



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