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Free Printable Reindeer Food Tag

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I feel as if most of my children’s focus during the Christmas season is preparing for the man in red to come down the chimney.  We have deep conversations about the kind of cookies (or possibly cupcakes) that he would like this year, whether to leave hot cocoa or milk (it depends on how cold it is) and where he might go on vacation after the holidays.


So, I shifted their thoughts this week to the reindeer.  I mean, after all, they are doing a good chunk of the work – pulling heavy sleighs full of toys, making the long journey from the North Pole no matter the weather and getting Santa safely airborne. 

It’s important that we leave them a little some thing too.  We usually get a carrot or two, but this year we are going to sprinkle some magical reindeer food outside.


This reindeer food is guaranteed to help them have the energy to fly back to the North Pole and it’s a nice little snack to munch on while Santa is delivering all of those toys.  To make our reindeer food more official, I designed these free printable reindeer food tags.

Just in case there’s any question about it’s authenticity.  You can package your reindeer food in a clear bag or place your clear bag inside a muslin bag to give it as a gift.  You could also print your tags on full page label paper (affiliate).  Cut out each individual label and stick on envelopes of reindeer feed to hand out at a Christmas celebration.


You can find our recipe for Magic Reindeer Food here.  It’s guaranteed to allure Santa’s reindeer to visit on Christmas Eve night.


Package your reindeer food in a cello bag (affiliate).  Then, attach this free printable reindeer food tag.  You can download the reindeer food tag design here.

Hand out your reindeer food as a special Christmas Eve activity for your kids or use as a holiday party favor.  I guarantee guests would enjoy going home and sprinkling their reindeer food outside before bed.

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Want to use a Reindeer Food Topper instead?  We have created a new Reindeer Food Topper design for this holiday season.  You can download it here.

And for even more wonderful ideas to celebrate the holiday season, check out our Christmas Pinterest Boards.

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