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Creative Mother’s Day Gifts that Mom will Love

This is a sponsored post by Etsy.  All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are my own based on my personal experiences.  This post also contains affiliate links which help support One Simple Party.  As always, we only recommend things that we truly love. You can find our full disclosure here.


I have a love/hate relationship with Mother’s Day each year.  I know.  Most Moms love Mother’s Day.  They love the flowers. The brunch.  The adorable handmade cards.

The problem is the timing.  It’s not that I don’t love celebrating that I am a Mom.  I love to recognize this special gift in some way.  It’s also beautiful to honor my own mother and my grandmother’s memory now.

But the timing really is all wrong.  It turns out that my birthday is a week beforehand.  So by the time we get to Mother’s Day, I am usually celebrated out.

I’m also not a huge fan of spending so much time honoring myself.  I know this is a personal preference, but focusing on me two weekends in a row, so close together, makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.  I guess I just wish the weekends were more spread out.

Even though I find the timing of Mother’s Day inconvenient, it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the showering of love. 

My favorite things are all of the handmade gifts that come home from school.  From sweet handprint flowers (were their hands really ever that small) to beautiful hand drawn portraits, I treasure each and every gift I have received.

But as the kids have gotten older, they aren’t always interested in making handmade Mother’s Day gifts.  Which I completely understand.  It’s hard getting crafty all of the time.

And sometimes our busy springtime schedule doesn’t allow the time for gift making.


When I think Mother’s Day gifts, I like to go beyond the traditional flower bouquet or candle.  Although this can be beautiful (and nicely scented), I like getting a bit more creative.

So in case you (or your kids/husband) are in need of some ideas to get started, check out these amazing creative Mother’s Day gift ideas.  They are from some of my favorite Etsy sellers.  The best part is that they are still all handmade.  Just by someone else.

What I love about giving a gift using Etsy (affiliate) is that you can still give the recipient something unique and special.  It’s the perfect place to find creative Mother’s Day gifts.  And many times, you’ll find something that can’t be found in a store.  So even though you didn’t have time to make it yourself, you can still receive something that you will cherish forever.


How the New Lists Feature Can Help you Organize Gift Giving

One of my favorite features on Etsy (affiliate) is the Favorites Tab.  It let’s me save all of the wonderful things I find so I can browse through them later.

I am not always ready to make a purchase when I start searching Etsy.  Sometimes I am just looking for ideas.  So, I will click the heart in the corner of the photo and save it to my Favorites folder.

The problem is that I do this A LOT.  There must be hundreds of items in my Favorites folder by now.

The issue is when I am ready to make a purchase, I have hundreds of items in my Favorites folder to scroll through before finding the one that I really wanted to purchase.

Luckily, the new lists feature just made my gift giving and party planning so much easier.  Instead of placing all of these items in one folder, I can organize the items into sub-categories.  These folders are much more specific.

For example, it’s perfect for the next time I am planning a birthday party.  I usually browse Etsy for decorating and favor ideas.  Before starting, I can create a folder with the party theme.  As I find creative ideas, I can save the items into the specific folder.  Since I usually plan parties months in advance, this is a great way to collect ideas and find them again later.

You can also use the Lists Feature for gift giving.  I have started folders for the Kids’ Christmas Gifts, Teacher Appreciation Gifts and Creative Mother’s Day Gifts (affiliate).  These will be really helpful when the time comes to make a decision on what gift to give.

And, since I don’t purchase my own Mother’s Day gift, your Favorites Lists can be made public.  This way your husband and/or kids can access all of your favorite Creative Mother’s Day Gifts in one folder and choose the perfect gift (affiliate).

Going Beyond the Mug

Okay, let’s all admit it.  Mom (or you) probably have enough mugs by now.  When curating this collection of creative Mother’s Day gifts, I came across a lot of mugs.  Although I am not against mugs if you have room in your cabinet, it’s time to get more creative.

Be daring.  Go beyond the mug.  And the candle.  And flowers.

Unless these items get really creative.  I did include a mug, candle and flowers on this Mother’s Day gift list.  But they are out-of-the box varieties of these gifts.  And handmade.  Which makes them uniquely special.

When gift giving, try to think beyond the ordinary.  Your thoughtfulness will be even more appreciated.  And you are sure to give (or receive) a Mother’s Day gift that you will love.  And, most importantly, will use.  Often.

So, not sure what you want for Mother’s Day this year?  Or looking for creative Mother’s Day gifts to give?

Here are a few of my favorite creative gift ideas for Mother’s Day.  Each one is sure to add a little something to make your day even more special.

Photo by BlockSETC

Personal Charcuterie

Last Mother’s Day, we celebrated with a beautiful Mother’s Day tea that the kids helped plan.  It was filled with my favorite tea, pastries and handmade cards.

This year, though, I think I might suggest elevating the classic Mother’s Day tea to wine and cheese.  And ask for the cheese to be served on this beautiful cheese board by BlockSETC (affiliate).  The board can be personalized with your child’s drawings and notes.  I love the idea of holding onto that sweet scrawled handwriting in a piece that I will use forever.

Keep Smelling Sweet

One of my first businesses that I started as a child was selling handmade sachet bags filled with potpourri.  I would set up stands at yard sales and peddle them around the neighborhood in the summer.  Everyone likes to smell sweet right?

Although the sachet bags that I made were pretty simple, these handmade felt heart sachets by Heart Felt Gifts by Chas (affiliate) are nothing but divine.  They feature gorgeous layers of felt embroidered with sequins and pom poms.  They are also lavender scented, which is sure to remind Mom of springtime.  Perfect for a drawer, closet or even sprucing up the scent of an office space.

Photo by The Stamped Boutique

For the Love of Ice Cream

If the Mom in your life loves ice cream, then these ice cream themed gifts would be perfect.  And every Mom needs an ice cream spoon (affiliate) dedicated just to them.  It helps prevent confusion.

Match the custom ice cream spoon (affiliate) with the ice cream cozy (affiliate) for their favorite pint.  You can also add in a few ice cream pints in their favorite flavors and some toppings.  What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

Show Off the Kids

One of the first gifts I wanted for Mother’s Day after the kids arrived was a necklace commemorating their arrival.  I received a few years later, a beautiful bird’s nest necklace (affiliate) from an artist I met on – you guessed it – Etsy.  Each child is represented by an egg in the nest.  And I am the Mama Bird.  I absolutely love it.

I think if I had spotted this birthstone necklace first, though, I might have chosen this one (affiliate).  You can add the birthstones of each child (or grandchild) on the necklace.  It even has the option of adding their initials.  What a beautiful way to show off your family and dress up your favorite outfit.

Photo by Lotty Lollipop

Flutter on By

As you know, we love fairies around here.  From making fairy gardens to throwing fairy tea parties, summertime is when we celebrate with these magical creatures in the garden.

Give Mom the gift of a fairy to look over her with this Daffodil Fairy by Lotty Lollipop (affiliate).  Created as a beautiful hand painted peg doll, she is sure to keep Mom company.

You Need to Ask Dad

When I was growing up, the phrase that I heard the most from my Mom was “Go Ask your Dad”.  I am sure she got tired of saying it.

If you know a Mom (or are one) that says this a lot, you might need to start wearing this fun t-shirt (affiliate).  Designed with vintage typography (reminds me of my childhood), this t-shirt is sure to make you smile.  Even on the roughest of days.

Keep your Place

As a reading mom, I am always in search of the perfect bookmark.  This beautiful paper mache heart crafted by Efthmia Papier Mache (affiliate) is a beautiful addition to any reading experience.  Pair with a book that Mom has been salivating over and you have the perfect gift.

Photo by Crafty Jo Designs

Flowers Beyond Mother’s Day

Although I love giving flowers for Mother’s Day, I hate that they don’t last very long.  A bouquet might survive the week.

I have had some better luck with potted plants, but even those tend to die after awhile.

Introducing the better flower gift.  These crafted flowers are the perfect solution if you want to gift flowers, but don’t want them to die.  Okay, they don’t have the same beautiful aroma as a floral bouquet, but they do make a wonderful decoration.

My favorites are these gorgeous felted daffodils by Crafty Jo Designs (affiliate)Wouldn’t they look beautiful on a shelf or by the windowsill in the kitchen?

They even include a plant marker embroidered with your Mom’s title.

Another option are these crocheted tulips (affiliate).  They would look so sweet in a bud vase and you would never have to water them.

Or you can take an even more creative approach with this felt ball bouquet (affiliate).  Using felt balls as the center, these felted flowers make a wonderful decoration all year long.

Get Her Bead On

If Mom loves crafting, why not help her get her craft on with this DIY beading kit (affiliate).  Choose from an assortment of themed kits and bead colors.  Mom is sure to love a peaceful afternoon beading.  Even if extra hands join her.

Photo by Zaaina

Pamper her Feet

It’s tough being a Mom.  You’re on your feet a lot and don’t always get a chance to rest.

Encourage Mom to rejuvenate herself this Mother’s Day with this scented foot soak kit (affialite).  The beautiful collection includes 3 different scented salt vials and a heel balm.  It’s the perfect way to give Mom a break and get her feet ready for summer sandals.

Remind her She is Royalty

I know, I know.  I said no mugs.

But this one is a tiny exception to the mug guidance.  Mainly because it tells Mom that she’s more important than royalty.  Which is true.

I also love this mug (affiliate) that it’s handmade pottery and one of a kind.  That makes it the mug Mom is sure to always grab.  This means you can actually move on the rest of the mugs in the cabinet.

Photo by Clara and Macy

To Do Together

Although Mother’s Day is supposed to be about Mom, some Moms like to celebrate the day with their kids.  This personalized activity jar (affiliate) is the perfect way to find things to do together.

Each jar is customized with a label featuring your child and Mom’s name.  Then, it is filled with activity tokens of things to do together.  What a wonderful way to spend the day together.

Love is in the Stars

Remind Mom that you love her more than all of the stars in the sky with this personalized star map art (affiliate).  Using the night sky maps from the nights that your children were born, this galactic masterpiece is a beautiful way to capture these moments in time.  It’s also sure to create connection with your kids as you reminisce about the constellations on their important night.  

Still haven’t found the perfect Mother’s Day gift?  Check out even more creative Mother’s Day gift ideas on the Mother’s Day Gift Ideas list in our Etsy Favorites (affiliate). I’m constantly adding Mother’s Day gift ideas to this list, so there are lots of things to choose from.

Also, in case you have another gift giving event coming up, I’ve also created lists for Teacher Appreciation, Kids Party Favors and other birthday ideas to help with all of your gift giving needs.

Love these creative Mother’s Day gifts and want to save them for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


And if you want to get more crafty this Mother’s Day, check out these other fun ideas.  Your kids will love making these Mother’s Day portrait drawings.  Or hang this Mother’s Day door hanger on your door to get some extra sleep this year.  It’s the gift you probably really want any way.

Happy Celebrating,

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