How to Make Easy Paper Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers from pancakes and pajamas birthday party

Cupcakes are one of my favorite party treats.  And it doesn’t really matter what the occasion.  There’s very few times in life that cupcakes don’t solve everything.

But the best part about cupcakes is that they are easy to make and no one argues over who got the bigger slice.  Decorating them on the other hand isn’t always so simple.  

Although I’ve always dreamed about becoming an expert cupcake decorator, I’ve settled in life to being the person that throws some colorful sprinkles on top and calls it a day.

Just because my edible cupcake decorations are simple, doesn’t mean that I can’t dress up my cupcakes with paper cupcake toppers.  

I discovered my love for paper cupcake toppers when I wrote my first e-book “Party Circles Everywhere”.  I loved using these easy to make 2 inch circles to make cupcake toppers.  They were simple to make and a very versatile decoration.

Another great thing about cupcakes is that you can personalize them to match your party.  With our customized paper cupcake toppers, you can match multiple party themes and colors for any celebration.  

Not sure how to make your own paper cupcake toppers?  All you need are some basic crafting supplies and a little time to let the glue dry.  

The best part is that your cupcakes will look beautiful and your guests get a little souvenir to take home.

You Will Need:

Cupcake Toppers Design

Medium Weight White Cardstock, 8.5″ x 11″ (affiliate)

X-Large Squeeze 2 Inch Round Punch (affiliate)

White 6-Inch Lollipop Sticks (affiliate)

Craft Glue

Printed cupcake toppers from pancakes and pajama birthday party

1. Download and print your cupcake toppers design.  If you purchased a cupcake topper design from our shop, it is a PDF file.  You will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and print your design.  You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here.  

Cutting cupcake toppers into strips

2. Once printed, cut out the paper cupcake toppers into strips.  The strips make the toppers more accessible and I can accurately punch them out. 

Punching cupcake toppers out with 2 inch circle punch

Punch out each paper cupcake topper using the 2 inch round paper punch. (affiliate)

Gluing lollipop sticks to the back of the cupcake toppers

3. Glue the white lollipop stick onto the back of the paper cupcake topper. 

Attaching the cupcake topper with decorative washi tape

You can also use washi tape to attach the lollipop stick. 

Insider’s Tip…  I love using washi tape to attach the lollipop stick.  The tape allows you to reposition the cupcake topper circle more easily if necessary.  It also adds a little decorative surprise to the back of the paper cupcake topper. (affiliate)

How do I make my cupcake toppers two sided?

Some DIY party planners prefer their cupcake toppers to be two sided.  It gives a more finished look to the paper cupcake topper. 

Here are a couple of options to make your paper cupcake toppers double sided.

– Print out a second sheet of cupcake toppers.  You can add the same cupcake topper to the back so that the cupcake topper has two sides.  Or you could choose a different design so the paper cupcake topper is truly two sided.

– Add a single colored or patterned back to your paper cupcake topper.  Punch out a larger circle – smooth or scalloped edge – with a 2.5″ punch.  Then attach the new circle to the back of your cupcake topper.  This will add a pretty decorative finish your topper.

Finished cupcake toppers for pancakes and pajamas birthday party

Making paper cupcake toppers is a great way to dress up any celebration.  They also make the guest of honor feel special.  Especially if the cupcake toppers are customized with their name, age or a sweet message.

You can find an assortment of printable cupcake topper designs in our shop here.  

Happy Celebrating!