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Pizza Cookies

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Pizza Cookies

Although the first thing we think of when it comes to planning a pizza party is guests making their own pizzas, we’ve been working on creating other pizza party activity ideas.  We’ve been working on one that could take the form of dessert and would be fun for guests of all ages.  Pizza cookies are the perfect activity for a pizza party or even a creative new way to decorate sugar cookies.  If you do not want guests to make them as an activity at your pizza party, you could also send them home as a pizza party favor.  They would fit perfectly in these little white pizza boxes.

For these pizza cookies, we recommend pre-baking the circle sugar cookies.  Guests can then add their own sauce, cheese and other toppings as they wish.  They can enjoy them as part of their dessert or you can send the cookies home to eat later.  You can even make a tray of cookies to add to your pizza party dessert table.

You Will Need:

Favorite sugar cookie recipe (you can find ours here)

3 Inch Round Circle Cookie Cutter

Vanilla frosting (store bought or homemade)

Christmas Red Icing Color

Coconut Flakes

Assortment of candy for toppings – Swedish Fish, Green Apple Rings, red sugar or sprinkles, mini marshmallows, Milk Duds, Red M&M


1. Make your favorite sugar cookie dough.  Roll into 1/8″ thickness and cut out 3 inch round circles.  Bake the cookies and let cool.

spreading pizza sauce icing

2.  Add red food coloring gel a half cup of vanilla frosting.  Mix together.  Spread the red frosting on the tops of each cookie to make the sauce.

coconut flakes as pizza cheese

3.  Sprinkle the top of the cookie with coconut flakes for the cheese.

pizza cookie toppings

4.  Add any other candy toppings that you would like on top of your pizza cookies.  Make different combinations for a variety of pizzas or create an everything pizza with all of the toppings. Our topping ideas are:

Swedish Fish – anchovies

Red M&Ms – pepperoni

Green Apple Rings – green peppers (cut them in half)

Red sugar or sprinkles – red pepper flakes

Mini marshmallows – onions

Milk Duds – sausage

pizza cookies

Enjoy your pizza cookies during the party or send home afterwards for a sweet treat.  You can also decorate these cookies in advance for a dessert table treat or a pizza party favor.  These pizza cookies would even make a fun activity at a sleepover.

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