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Puppy Party Dog Bone Wreath


I’m so excited to share special touches from Little Bug’s second birthday party last month. One of Little Bug’s favorite things is puppies. She’s a dog lover through and through – from stuffed animals to her pull puppy toy she likes to take on walks around the neighborhood. When asked what theme she wanted for her party, she said puppies pretty firmly. So her girly themed puppy party was born.


One of the easiest decorations for a puppy themed party are dog bones. I used them to fill vases, decorate bags for the table and make this adorable wreath for the door. It’s important when hosting a celebration that your entrance look welcoming and announces the party’s theme. So, I created a puppy party dog bone wreath as a whimsical way to greet guests at the party!

You Will Need:

Dog bones
Styrofoam wreath form
Wide pink grosgrain ribbon
Hot glue gun


1. Cut a 3 yard piece of wide ribbon. Secure one end of the ribbon at one end of the wreath form with glue. Wrap the wreath form with the ribbon, covering the entire form. Secure the ribbon at the other end with glue.


2. Glue dog bones around the wreath edge vertically. Either create a color pattern or randomly place them on the wreath. Let dry.


3. Hang the wreath with another piece of ribbon. Tie a bow at the top.


Hang on a door, above the mantel or at the entry way.

This dog bone wreath was a sweet way to kick off Little Bug’s puppy themed birthday celebration.  Stay tuned this week to find out other simple ways to create some puppy party fun for your next party.

Happy Celebrating,

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