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Free Printable Super Teacher Pencil Flags

When I was teaching, I always loved the little gifts at the beginning of the school year that students gave.  After spending a long week setting up the classroom, attending meetings and getting to know my class (at least on paper), it was wonderful to get into school the first day and be greeted with a small token of appreciation.

With school starting next week in our area and already having begun in many areas, I created a little something to say thank you to all of those hard working super teachers out there.  Let your child’s teacher know how much they are appreciated with a set of these Free Printable Super Teacher Pencil Flags.

These are definitely going to greet Little Bug’s new teachers on the first day of school. To make your own set of pencil flags, print out our Free Printable Super Teacher Pencil Flags.  Cut out the individual flags.  I use an Exacto knife to cut the triangle areas, but you can also use scissors.  Add two strips of double sided tape to the back of the flag.  Line up with the top of a pencil and attach.

A set of these would make a perfect gift on the first day of school!  You can download your Free Printable Super Teacher Flags.

Happy Celebrating, Natalie

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