Treats Fit for the Birth of a Prince


As everyone has heard by now, the world welcomed a new prince last week. Prince George of Cambridge arrived in a flurry of celebration. I don’t think new parents could look any happier or a baby so adorable.

Such an heavenly bundle of joy deserves some sweet celebration treats. I recently heard that Sprinkles cupcakes was having their Prince George limited edition cupcakes and I knew I needed to make a special trip to Georgetown.

Afraid of missing my chance at my own Prince of Cambridge cupcake, I arrived when the shop opened. Of course, the cupcakes were just coming out of the oven and would be ready in a few minutes. I never thought I’d be lucky enough to score such fresh treats.


The cupcakes were packaged in a brown cupcake box and sealed with a blue and cute “It a Baby Boy” sticker. Definitely some design inspiration in that sticker alone!  Sweet treats are definitely the right way to celebrate the arrival of a new little prince.


The cupcakes came in vanilla and chocolate. Each one was topped with a printed “Prince of Cambridge” medallion.  It was printed on edible sugar paper and attached to fondant.  Nice cupcake souvenir if there is such a thing.


The inside of each cupcake was filled with delicious blue frosting in honor of the prince.  This was Little Bug’s favorite part of this cupcake adventure.

In case you want your own cupcakes in celebration of the new prince, Sprinkles will be selling this special edition until August 2nd.  As for Little Bug, now she is associating Georgetown with cupcakes.  So, every once in awhile when I ask her what she wants to do, she responds “George”.  I fear I’m raising a cupcake fiend…

Here are some other sweet treats fit for a prince from some of my favorite party hosts and bakers:

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Adorable Free Printable Prince George Cupcake Toppers from Kara’s Party Ideas

These blue crown themed cupcakes fit for any prince from Not Your Momma’s Cookie

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