Amazing Art Gifts for Creative Kids

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Looking for the perfect art gifts for kids who love art?  I’ll be the first to admit that finding the perfect art gifts for kids can sometimes be tricky.  You’ll find building blocks and science kits galore.  But when it comes to choosing an art gift, it can leave one a bit undecided.

The problem is that art gifts can be quite simple.  Kids who love art know the beauty of receiving a new art supply or art kit to explore.  And the simplicity of the gift giving to young artists is the best part.  It should be celebrated.

But with so many different types of art gifts to consider, how do you find one that your budding artist will be excited about?  Check out these tips and ideas for making art gift shopping easier.

Beware – Art Kits aren’t Always King

When many think of art gifts for kids, they automatically turn to art kits.  It seems to be a natural inclination.  And while I have listed a few of my favorite creative art kits below, I’ve also tried to include some more out of the box gift ideas.

When I hosted my little’s birthday party at an art studio a few years back, she received art kits from every one of her friends.  Many, many art kits.  I didn’t even know they made so many different kinds of art kits for kids.

I guess the assumption was that since she was having an art birthday party, so she must love art.  Which she did.

The problem with art kits is that you can have too many.  Although each art kit features a different project idea, when a child receives an abundance of them, they can sometimes feel overwhelmed.

It can also get a little boring.  Young artists like to be creative.  When every piece of an art project is already measured, cut and allocated, it can be hard to use your imagination.

In our studio at home, there are very few art kits.  The ones we do receive live in our basement storage area.  Sometimes, we pull them out on rainy days for new inspiration.  Then, the kids come up with a new idea and go from there.

Many of the materials in the art kits are never used in the assigned project.  They are scattered around the studio instead.

When choosing an art kit for a gift, think about how creative the receiver will be able to get.  Can they make multiple projects with the kit?  Are there different ways to imagine the materials inside?  Is the art kit just a jumping off point for their creativity?

There are some really cool art kits for kids out there, so you don’t need to stop giving them.  I promise.

Just make sure you’re selecting the best art kit to match the artist.

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What Do I Give the Young Artist Who Has Everything?

This can be a problem with any gift giving these days.  Kids seem to already have it all.  How do you find an art gift that they don’t have yet?

If you’re trying to find an art gift for an artist who has everything, stick with supplies or experiences.

Artists never can have too many art supplies.  The thing with making art is that the supplies run out over time.  I remember being in art school during college.  What I would have done for more colored paper or a new rubber eraser.

Another thing that artists need is lots of experiences.  Check your local area for art museums that a young artist might enjoy.  Or a trip to an art studio could also be fun.


How Do I Choose the Perfect Kids Art Gifts?

Choosing the perfect art gifts for kids can be hard.  Kids change their likes and interests daily, so it’s sometimes difficult to keep up.

When picking out an art gift, start with the medium of art that the child enjoys.  Art medium refers to the art form that they like to make.  If they love drawing, focus on that.  Or if sculpture is their thing, then look into materials for that.

Once you know the art medium, you can find supplies and art kits that will complement it.  Kids are sure to enjoy things that they can use to explore their creativity.

Ready to find a kids art gift idea that your gift recipient will love?  Check out some of my favorite art gift ideas below.  Many we have given and received over the years. Hopefully, you’ll find something that will be the perfect fit for your little artist.


Favorite Art Supplies

One reason I think gift givers avoid art supplies is that it seems like too small of a gift.  I can’t just give a young artist a pencil or an eraser.  Depending on the occasion, maybe or maybe not.

That’s is just not true.  Art supplies make great art gifts for kids.

Keep in mind that young artists love new art supplies.  They’re excited about a new set of glitter pens or chubby crayons.

I remember trying to give gift idea lists to grandparents a few years ago.  They balked at me when I suggested just getting one a new sketchbook.

But as a young artist, a fresh sketchbook with no marks on it is gold.

If one art supply doesn’t seem to be a big enough gift, pair them together.  Put a set of fun markers with a new pad of paper.  Or choose dazzling shaped glitter matched with funky colored glue.

You can even make a grab bag of art supplies for a young artist to enjoy.  Wrap up each of the art supplies separately and place in a gift bag.  You can even attach this Free Printable Chalkboard Rainbow Birthday Tag to complete the look.  Kids are sure to love all of the little surprises.

Things to Color With

From a very early age, kids love to color.  Some littles even start with a coloring book around 9 to 10 months.  Most have tried it after a year old.

When choosing art supplies to color with, look for something creative that the child might not have in their collection.  Make sure that the supplies are age appropriate.  The supplies that a child colors with as a toddler will differ to the ones they use in elementary school.

For crayons, I love these personalized crayon kits from Sarah’s Stickers Shop (affiliate).  You can choose the number of letters and color palette that you want to use.  They are neatly packaged in an adorable box for easy gifting.

Or if you want to go with a more creative crayon idea, these rainbow watercolor gel crayons create bold strokes when you draw (affiliate).  Just add water and they magically change into a paint finish.

Kids also love things that smell nice.  There’s something about taking a whiff of your art supply while you create.  Still trying to figure it out, but it’s definitely a thing.

These Mini Doodlers Scented Gel Pens are fun for a variety of coloring needs (affiliate).  The colors range from glittery hues to neon brights.  And each pen has a fruity smell.  So fun!

Another scented option are these Yummy Yummy Twist Up Crayons (affiliate).  Each crayon smells of a delicious fruit.  Wouldn’t that be fun to color with?

Or for a gift topper, add this adorable vanilla scented stacking erasing crayons (affiliate).  You can color with each scoop.

For those who love coloring with markers, these erasable markers (affiliate) might come in handy.  They have a special tip that fixes any mistakes that you make.

If you want to give a different marker coloring experience, these Switch-eroo Color Changing Markers might be just the thing (affiliate).  You can color with the one end and use the other end to change the original color into a fun surprise.  Who knew coloring could be so much fun?


Get Out the Paints

Kids love painting.  There’s something exhilarating (and relaxing) about making brush strokes on paper.

Share the joy of painting by giving a brand new paint set.  One of the best art gifts my littles ever received was a new watercolor paint set.  We still use it years later.  They don’t run out quickly and the array of colors makes it a go to art supply.

When choosing a watercolor paint set, look at the quality of the paints and the number of colors.  Watercolors can’t always be easily mixed, so it’s nice to have an assortment of colors to use.

My two favorite watercolor paint sets are Wondrous Watercolors and Lil’ Watercolor Paint Pods (affiliates).  The vibrant assortment of colors makes them popular with kids.

You can pair your watercolor paints with a watercolor paint pad and set of watercolor brushes (affiliates).  Or check out this watercolor paint collection (affiliate).  With two sets of watercolor paints, watercolor crayons, brushes, paper and even stickers, it’s sure to be a kid artist favorite.

If you want to explore paints beyond watercolors, check out these poster paint sets (affiliate).  Having raised artists in small spaces, storage of paints can be the biggest challenge.  These paint sets keep all of the paint pods in one place making for super easy clean up.  They’re sure to be a parent favorite as well of the artists.

And if you have a younger artist that you’re gifting too, try finger paints (affiliate).  Although these can be messy, they’re tons of fun and a great way to introduce a child to art.


Arts and Crafts Fun

Traditional arts and crafts are lots of fun.  The problem is that basic materials can run out quickly depending how often the artist likes to create.

You can replenish their arts and crafts supplies as a gift idea.  Kids always seem to need more googly eyes, pipe cleaners, paper straws, pom poms and beads.  Take a trip to your local art supply store and raid their crafts aisle.  Then, wrap each supply in tissue paper.  You can assemble in a gift bag.  Kids will love all of the crafting surprises that await them.

Another craft supply kids love is glitter.  Although this might not be a fan favorite of parents, it can be a lot of fun when used wisely.  You can find an assortment of chunky glitter mixes here.  They are a great way to add some sparkle to crafts.

If glitter makes you anxious, glitter glue might be a better option.  This Pixie Paste has dazzling glitter mixed in with glue (affiliate).  Using the included brush, you can apply it to almost anything.  The glue dries clear, so the glitter can sparkle beautifully.

The last must have craft supply is a low heat glue gun.  My little artists avoided glue guns for safety reasons for years.  Until we discovered this low heat version (affiliate).  It has added features making it a safe glue gun option for kids.

One thing that I’ve learned about glue guns is that they aren’t just for attaching things together.  You can also use glitter glue sticks to create amazing creations.  If your little artist already has a glue gun, add some decorative glue sticks or a glue gun project guide (affiliates).  Then, watch where their creativity takes them.

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Something to Work On

One of the most important art supplies that’s overlooked is paper and canvases.  Artists need a surface to make their art on.  This is one of the supplies that’s used up the fastest.  So if you don’t know what to get a young artist, this is the category I would consider.

Choose a new sketch pad or watercolor paper (affiliates).  Doodle paper, finger painting paper or even an assortment of construction paper can all be fun additions.  Or even a black paper sketch pad to experiment with could be lots of fun (affiliate).

If the young artist is into painting, you can also pick up some fun canvases.  Check out thin ones that are really cool to paint on.  Or try a unique size of canvas – like these small square ones (affiliate).

For a more creative surface, check out this rainbow scratch paper or sun print paper (affiliates).

You could also pick out some creative coloring books.  These days, coloring books are higher quality and come in all sorts of themes.  Choose from Knights and Dragons, Outrageous Ocean and Enchanting Unicorns (affiliate).

Or this panorama coloring book can be unfolded to reveal 6 feet of amazing coloring fun (affiliate).  It makes a great gift for young artists to share with friends.  Especially at a birthday party or Christmas get together.

Art Kit Fun

Despite what I said above about art kits, they can be fun and kids love them.  We live in a world where art kits abound.  These days, you can find kits for every type of art medium and for all age groups.

If you decide to choose an art kit as your art gifts for kids, try to pick one that has lots of materials and multiple project options.  There is a huge variety of art kit quality.  We’ve received art kits that have only done one thing and those that have creativity potential that lasts for years.  Here are some of my favorite art kits that my kids have received as gifts.

Design a Charm Bracelet

Although beading is a favorite art kit option, particularly among girls, this charm bracelet kit from Ann Williams puts a new spin on the medium (affiliate).  Instead of coming with plastic beads to string, there is an assortment of puffy sticker charms to make first.  Then, the artist can mix and match them to make a unique bracelet design.

The kit includes materials to make four bracelets, so there’s enough to share with their friends too.

Make a New Friend

Encourage sewing and design skills with these adorable hand stitching kits.  Little artists can sew themselves a new mouse, bunny or fox friend to cuddle.  The crafter can choose from a variety of outfits for their friend to wear.  The kit even includes a little pouch to take their new friend with them on adventures.

Mix Some Potions

Potions are useful for all kinds of things from creating rainbows in the sky to helping you make wishes on a cloudy day.  Following a series of simple recipes, little artists (and chemists) can mix a variety of themed potions to mix up some of their own magic.  The three potion making kits include unicorn potions, fairy potions and mermaid potions (affiliates).  It’s a great way to gift some luck and whimsy.

String Some Art

Classic string art has never been easier than with these cool string art kits.  Kids can use push pins and colorful threads to make a variety of string art designs.  Patterns include a unicorn, sea turtle or even a space ship (affiliate).

Rock Painting Kit

Encourage young crafters to try a different kind of canvas with this rock painting kit (affiliate).  The kit includes everything rock enthusiasts need to make detailed masterpieces from rocks.  There’s even glow in the dark rock kits so you can paint designs that will light up the night (affiliate).

Puppet Making

Parents are sure to appreciate this mess free puppet making craft kit (affiliate).  And the crafter can use their creativity to design three unique sock puppets.  The best part is that once they’ve made the puppets, they can put together a little puppet show too.  Love when art takes on a life of its own.

Bead the Day Away

One of our favorite things to do together is beading.  And jewelry makers never seem to have enough beads to choose from.  Although you can purchase tubes of beads at your local craft store, there are also amazing beading kits.

For little ones, check out these wooden bead kits from Melissa and Doug (affiliate).  The wooden beads are easier to string together and they can be used over and over again.

For older beading enthusiasts, try a themed beading kit from Kids Made Modern.  Choose from Mystic Jewelry to Frosty Treats or Mermazing Bead Kits (affiliates).  There’s even Modern Jewelry Jam that includes the ultimate collection of jewelry making supplies (affiliate).

Photo Courtesy of Dirt and Dazzle

DIY Pet Kit

Let kids make their own pet with this DIY pet kit (affiliate).  Kids can choose from a snake, lizard, shark or fish.  The kit includes paints and an adoption certificate.  Perfect for the artist who has been dreaming of a pet of their own.

Paint a Robot Kit 

No engineering degree is required for young artists with this paint a robot kit (affiliate).  Kids will love designing their own customized robots.  The kit makes three unique robot designs that they can play with when their done.  It’s sure to have imaginations (and paint brushes) running wild.

Photo Courtesy of Wildflower Toys

Craft a Fairy Family

These little fairies are sure to add a touch of magic to your artist’s next project.  Craft a family of four mini fairy dolls with this fairy doll kit from Wildflower Toys (affiliate).  There are even supplies to make leaf beds and a flower rug.  It’s the perfect way to encourage creativity and teach some basic sewing skills too.

Make your own Trading Cards

Kids love collecting trading cards.  Invite them to make their very own set with this Make Your Own Trading Card Kit (affiliate).  From favorite book characters to minifigures and friends in the neighborhood, there’s over 36 cards for young artists to imagine, make and trade.

Arts and Crafts Collection

Instead of giving an art kit for a specific craft, gift an assortment of art supplies to spark their creativity.  This Arts and Crafts Crate comes with an assortment of beads, wooden spools, pipe cleaners and even scissors and glue (affiliate).  Everything a young creative mind needs to start making.

Or try this Arts and Crafts Library from Kids Made Modern (affiliate).  It’s such a fun way to get a young artist’s imagination turning.

Send a Subscription Box

If you’re looking for art gifts for kids that will keep on giving in the days ahead, check out art subscription boxes.  A subscription box is a specially curated collection or craft that arrives in your mailbox monthly.  Sometimes even twice a month.  It sends kids everything they need to make a variety of themed projects.

Subscription boxes can be expensive.  If it’s out of your budget, many of these companies sell single box options.  You can also purchase a specific number of months at a time.

These boxes also make a great gift idea for long distance gift giving.  Once purchased, the company will send the box for you.

We have received a number of subscription boxes as gifts over the years.  My favorite part is that everything we need to complete the project is already in the box.  I don’t have to run out to the store for anything.  The instructions are also very kid friendly and easy to follow.  This makes it a hands-off activity for me.

You can mix science and art together with the subscription boxes from Green Kid Crafts (affiliate).  They will send an assortment of science and art activities each month that are based around a theme.  We have completed the box on energy.  My young builder loved that he could assemble everything from a water wheel to making his own boat.  Even the box transformed into a solar oven for making s’mores.

One of my favorite Green Kids Crafts single boxes is the Gifts Made By Me Box (affiliate).  I love that it has projects for the artist to create and then give away to others.  Art is meant for giving and encouraging this act is so important for kids.

Another idea is to send young artists a burst of creativity each month with the Orange Art Box (affiliate).  Each box features an assortment of art projects focused around a theme.  From painting to gluing and decorating, there’s lots of crafts to keep kids busy.

If being in the kitchen is more your artist’s canvas, encourage their creativity with these baking subscription boxes from Baketivity (affiliate).  Kids can practice decorating cakes, cookies and cupcakes.  The best part – they can eat their art creations when their done.

For kids that want to craft more than once a month, check out Annie’s Creative Girl’s Club (affiliate) to kickstart their creativity.  Each month, the artist receives TWO boxes with a different craft project.  From beading to sewing and scrapbooking, there’s lots of different crafts to teach skills and inspire their imaginations.

And if your artist prefers wood working, check out the Annie’s Young Wood Worker’s Club (affiliate).  Each month, members are sent a different wood working project to build.  With the specially designed tools sent with their first kit, kids will be hammering and painting before you know it.

Grow Their Art Book Library

If your gift recipient has enough art supplies and kits in their collection, maybe an art book would be the perfect art gift idea.  There are lots of beautiful picture books and art instruction books to give inspiration to their work.  And they might learn something along the way too.

Give an Introduction

Young artists need inspiration to grow in their work.  Help them discover artists that they love with an introduction to art.  One of my favorite art books to read with children is A Child’s Introduction to Art: The World’s Greatest Paintings and Sculptures (affiliate).

Or if they’re interested in painting, provide them with an illustrated history in The Story of Paintings: A History of Art for Children (affiliate).

Something Funny

Kids love to be entertained when they read.  There are lots of picture books that combine art and humor.  It’s just a matter of choosing the right one.

Invite kids to follow Jeremy as he draws a bossy monster in Jeremy Draws a Monster (affiliate).  Or enjoy learning how to teach a unicorn to scribble in Never Let the Unicorn Scribble (affiliate).

One can even discover how one chicken can wreak havoc in a farmyard with blue paint in Blue Chicken (affiliate).

Go on an Adventure

Young artists also like to go on adventures.  Encourage them to explore with pencils and crayons in these art inspired adventure picture books.

You can draw together with Dog in Dog Loves Drawing (affiliate).  Or create a beautiful garden with only your pencil in The Imaginary Garden (affiliate).

In The Pencil, readers can see what happens when an eraser takes charge (affiliate).

And one of our favorite art books of all time is Art Dog by Thacher Hurd (affiliate).  We received this as a gift and still read it often.  Something about solving the mystery of the missing painting keeps everyone’s attention.

Let Them Learn

Although all books can teach readers something, art instruction books usually have step by step directions and are full of lots of inspiration.  They are a great gift idea to introduce young artists to a new art form, give them something to do on a rainy day or provide infinite project ideas.

For easy to make art projects, check out Low Mess Crafts for Kids by Debbie Chapman.  She is the brilliant creator behind One Little Project and shares 72 crafts kids can make themselves with minimal art supplies.  I hate opening a craft book when my kids want to make a project only to discover that we don’t have half the supplies.  The ideas in this book solve that problem.  And all of the projects are so much fun to make!

If you are gifting to a curious and courageous girl, Adventure Girls by Nicole Duggan can be a fun option.  It’s full of a variety of crafts that encourage girls to get outdoors and create.

Encourage your artists to try creating with paper using this book Paper Crafts for Kids (affiliate).  From a ladybug tic tac toe to a build your own robot, there are lots things make from paper.

If your artist likes to work in wood, this book Wood Shop is filled with creative building projects and inspiration.  Or for those into sewing and weaving, our family loves this Stitch and String Lab for Kids (affiliate).

For budding artists who want to expand their art skills, Art Lab for Kids is full of amazing art projects in multiple mediums (affiliate).  It’s a great way to practice printmaking, drawing and working in mixed media.

If your gift recipient loves to draw, you can also find a drawing book to teach them new skills.  From a simple step by step guide for drawing cute things to learning how to draw “all the things”, these guides will be learning tools that last a lifetime.  I should know.  I still have the ones that I received as gifts as a child.

And if you know someone obsessed over sloths, be sure to check out this book on Sloth Crafts (affiliate).  Eighteen art project ideas using sloths as your inspiration.

Invest in Art Experiences

Not all art gifts for kids come as something to play with right away.  For the kids who seem to have everything, you can also get creative by gifting an art experience instead.

Locate your local kids art studio and purchase a gift card for classes or open studio time.  Or get a pass to the local art museum so the young artist can new inspiration or discover an artist they love.

Another idea is to look into giving the gift of online classes.  Outschool offers amazing art class opportunities for kids to learn any time from the comfort of their studio space (affiliate).  Give a gift card or sign up for a specific class (affiliate).

There are so many ideas for art gifts for kids that it can be hard to pick just the right one.  Some of our favorite art gifts over the years have introduced our kids to something new.  When choosing your gift, try to think out of the box.  Select something they might not already have or a medium they haven’t yet explored.

When you aren’t sure which art gifts for kids to choose, give a book or experience.  These art gifts are sure to enlighten and inspire, both things that all young artists need.

Love these art gifts for kids ideas and want to keep them in mind for later?  Be sure to pin the post below.


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