DIY Project: Chalkboard Paint Gift Tags

At the beginning of June I learned about a fun secret summer gift exchange on Craftaholics Anonymous. Crafters from all over the country were matched anonymously with each other. Kind of like a secret Santa for the craft obsessed. I thought it would be a lot of fun to get to know someone new and receive a secret present in the mail.  Who doesn’t love mail?

I was matched with an artist named Jennifer Babcock who lives in Connecticut. She owns a cute little Etsy shop called The Funki Little Frog, which specializes in fun and artsy signage.

My favorite art pieces from her store are her handcrafted wooden buntings.  These definitely have given me inspiration for an upcoming project.

Photo from The Funki Little Frog

She also crafts beautiful signs with fun sayings including “You’re the Icing on my Cupcake” and “Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses”.  I love the rustic look of her work and can’t wait to add a piece to my collection.

Through some secret conversations, I learned that Jennifer liked things painted in chalkboard paint and bright, colorful patterns. Wanting to stay with the party hosting theme, I created some fun chalkboard paint gift tags as part of her secret gift.  They add a fun accent to a gift or can be used to as place cards/favor tags at a party.

You Will Need:

Small wooden gift tags

Scraps of scrapbook paper

Chalkboard paint

Foam brush


Modge Podge

Baker’s Twine or Ribbon

Small hole punch

What To Do:

1.  Paint one side of the wooden gift tags with chalkboard paint.  You will need two to three coats of paint to completely cover them.  Let the tags dry.

2.  Trace around the edge of the tag on the back of a piece of scrapbook paper.

Cut out your trace and check that it is a pretty close match to the shape of the wooden tag.

3.  Apply Modge Podge to the back of the tag and glue on the scrapbook paper.  Modge Podge the top of the scrapbook paper to seal.

4.  Once dry, trim any excess paper along the edge of the tag.

Punch a hole through the tag’s pre-made hole.

Add baker’s twine or ribbon to match the tag.

Use a piece of chalk or a fancy chalkboard marker to write your recipient’s name and a message on your gift tag.  I just discovered chalkboard markers and love the idea of being able to write in chalk without the dusty aftermath.  The best part of these tags is that they erase.  This way the recipient of the gift can use the tag again.  It almost becomes a gift in itself.

Happy Celebrating,


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  1. Omg! These are so cute. She is going to love them! Her wooden bunting is really cool, too!

  2. I did love my tags! Thank you, I just found this! And was so happy because I’m hoping I can find out how to make that cherry lemonade or where to get it! I actually hid it this summer so I didn’t have to share!

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