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Free Printable Happy Holidays Labels

Coffee is one of my favorite gifts around the holiday.  With the cold winter weather, I love to curl up with a cup of my favorite brew and a good design book.  I could sit like that in front of a fireplace for hours if Little Bug would let me!

Traditionally, when I create coffee themed gift baskets, I have focused on items that you can use to help you make the coffee.  I might include a few bags of my favorite kind, a coffee grinder, unique mugs and other accessories that assist in the process of making coffee.  I decided to take a more creative direction on my coffee gift boxes this year and include items that you could enjoy with your perfect brew.

1.  Chocolate Truffles – Coffee just tastes better when eating a chocolate truffle.  They come in seasonal varieties or festive wrappers.  You can even put one into your coffee to add a chocolatey taste! 2. Cookies – Coffee just seems naked during the holidays without a cookie alongside it.  I went with beautifully decorated snowman sugar cookies from the bakery for this box, but you could bake up a batch of your own.  Try a peppermint chocolate cookie or gingerbread.  3.  Peppermint Chocolate Spoons – Add a set of these sweet stirrers for a taste of the holidays in their coffee!  They’re easy to handmake too, which always adds a nice touch.  4.  Coffee or Coffee Shop Gift Card – If you know what kind of coffee your recipient likes, include a small bag of whole beans.  You could buy a large bag and split it among a number of coffee boxes.  If you’re not sure, a coffee gift card allows the receiver to pick their own out or treat others!

The inside of a gift can be special, but the packaging is what really makes a gift shine.  I packaged all of the coffee inspired elements into a large white gable box.  Then, I designed a free printable Happy Holidays Labels to decorate the outside of the box.  Just print your free printable Happy Holidays Labels on a full sheet of label paper and cut out.  Then attach to your special box or container.  The last space is left blank to write in your child’s or family’s name.  What a sweet way to send holiday greetings to teachers, neighbors or even the mail carrier.

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