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Christmas Trees at Mount Vernon

We’re very lucky this time of year to live so close to the Washington’s home, Mount Vernon.  Decked out in the colonial holiday spirit, it’s always a special time to visit the estate and admire all of the beautiful Christmas decorations.  This year, Little Bug and I, spent quite a bit of time meandering through the Christmas trees at Mount Vernon.  Each themed tree is gorgeously created by one of Mount Vernon’s designers and features ornaments about an element of the estate.  Here is some highlights from this year’s Mount Vernon Christmas tree collection.

I’ve always imagined collecting vintage toys since I was a child.  Since I didn’t have the allowance necessary to really get a collection started, I would check books about old toys out of the library and dream about which ones I would add to my own set.  I never considered what I would do with so many vintage toys, but I think decorating a tree is a great idea!  I love how the designers used a variety of replica toys, puppets and even playing cards to bring this toy themed tree to life.  They even used vintage recorders at the top.  Definitely some great inspiration to consider next year!

This music themed tree celebrates the importance of music during colonial times.  From it’s musical note bow at the top to classical scores, fans made from sheet music and musical instruments substituting traditional ornaments, this tree would be a perfect addition to a music room.

My favorite part about this music themed tree is how the designers used the musical instruments.  I love how the violin bows and miniature versions of instruments substitute traditional ornaments.  Such amazing ideas!

One of my favorite trees at Mount Vernon was the one themed around Martha Washington.  Featuring ornate fan ornaments, Byer’s Choice Martha Washington dolls and hand stitched samplers, I loved the feminine touch this tree had without having to go completely pink.  It’s subtle hints of ivories and burgundies definitely make you think that Martha would have approved.

Of course, next to Martha’s tree is one themed around George Washington.  Decked out in classic red, white and blue, this tree has a masculine feel with swords, George Washington dolls and soldier apparel.  There were even rolled maps ready for the battlefield.  The cannon and soldier ornaments were great finishing touches to this Revolutionary War inspired tree.

Mount Vernon even decorated a tree themed around the estate itself.  I love how they used vintage postcards as ornaments.  Although I would dress them up a more, it’s definitely given me some wonderful inspiration to try in our tree next year.

At the top of the cupola at Mount Vernon is a dove weather vane picked out by George Washington himself.  Inspired by these doves, the tree designers added a peace tree to their holiday collection this year.  Featuring an assortment of doves, including fabric, ceramic and porcelain, this tree is a wonderful pause to the holiday hustle and bustle.

It was so wonderful to be able to share this incredible collection of trees with Little Bug.  All of the decorations at Mount Vernon are especially beautiful this time of year.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to visit the main house and see how Martha Washington entertained during this festive season.  You can’t take strollers in and I was worried Little Bug might make a dash for Martha’s prized china.  Maybe next time!

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  1. Thank God Martha’s china is safe! Looks like a very fun and inspiring outing. Nothing like starting your mini me early to the ways of beauty in this world.

  2. confettidiaries says:

    I figure the sooner I can get her hooked on pretty things and baking, she’ll be all set. I think Mount Vernon is pretty happy that Martha’s china is in one piece too. The inside of the house is gorgeous during the holidays, so maybe next year!

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