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Free Printable Days of the Week Magnet Clips

When I was a teacher, there were so many things that I wished I could get done at the beginning of the year. You always had time for the really important things – getting to know your students, organizing reading groups and unpacking necessary supplies.  But there was always the desire to do more of the “fun” things, like making pretty decorations and creating cute crafts to give your students the first day.

The one area that I always wished I had more time for was organization.  We all know that a well organized classroom (or life) means more happiness in the end.  But I also wanted more time to create fun and colorful organization solutions.  Unfortunately, the year would get started and my dream projects would have to be put aside for the future.  I’m still not sure why I didn’t tackle them over the summer, but now I have time to create some fun organizational solutions for teachers (which, coincidentally, also would make great classroom gifts!).

In my classroom, we had a huge magnetic chalkboard.  It was great for hanging things, but I always wanted a set of clips to collect small pieces of paper (coupons, announcements, parent notes) on.  So I decided to design my own days of the week magnet clips.  They’re perfect for hanging papers, school announcements or whatever else might come up during the week.  I like to clip an item under the action day when it needs to be completed.  This definitely will help keep me more organized.  For example, keep coupons that are for Friday’s supermarket trip under Friday.  Or, if you’re a teacher, you can clip the note you need to reply to by Tuesday under that date.  These would make a great teacher gift (think the holidays are coming up) or a nice treat to help a new mom stay organized.

You Will Need:

Paint (I chose black, but use any color you want)

Foam Brush

Five 3 inch wooden circles

Modge Podge

Five 1/2 inch magnets

5 Medium Clothespins

3 inch punch/scissors

Tacky Glue

Days of the Week Printable Labels

1.  Paint the back and edges of each wooden circle.  It’s okay if the paint gets on the other side because you will be covering that up.

If desired, add a coat of Modge Podge to the top of the paint after it’s dry.  This will help seal the paint and it give it a lovely shine.

2.   Print the Days of the Week Printable Labelsfrom Katarina’s Paperie.  Using a 3 inch punch or scissors, cut out each days of the week circle.

Use Modge Podge to adhere the paper circles onto the blank sides of the wood.

Add another layer of modge podge to the top of the circle.  Let dry.

3.  Glue each circle onto a clothespin.  Using tacky glue or a glue gun, add a magnet to the back of the clip.  You now have a colorful set of days of the week clips that are sure to keep any teacher (or yourself) organized.

I’m right now using mine to help get my refrigerator organized.  As of now, I’m planning on sending them in to the teachers for Little Bug’s first day of her preschool next week.   That does depend on how attached I get to them over the weekend.  Luckily they’re pretty easy to make, so I can always create another set.

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Blog Post Update – After a few requests for Saturday and Sunday labels, we have created additional Free Printable Saturday and Sunday Labels.  Now you can create an entire 7 day a week set of magnets.  Enjoy!

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