Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas

I’m so excited to share my Little Bug’s first birthday party today!  We hosted a barnyard birthday bash in August and I’ve been waiting patiently to share all of the wonderful party details with you.  After brainstorming many party themes over the months, I decided to create a party around one of Little Bug’s favorite things – farm animals.  Actually, I think cows are really her favorite, but I wanted to broaden the theme.  Here are some barnyard birthday party ideas to help you plan your next barnyard bash.

We hosted the party at a beautiful horse farm called Royal Crest Farm in New Jersey.  They had the signature rolling green pastures and white picket fences that I was looking for in a location.  The farm also offered horseback riding.  We had decided to host the party for all family and friends, not just little ones, so I wanted an activity that every one could participate in.  Having usually seen riding for kids only, it was great to see all of the adults on horses.  They also performed a little horse show for the guests.

I nestled the dessert table along a line of trees.  After hearing Amy Atlas mention at her book talk that natural backdrops are best, I wanted to bring in this bit of nature into the party decorating.  I hung cow splotch lanterns from the trees (the DIY project is coming soon) and a “Happy Birthday” banner.  It made this natural green shrubery the focal point of the party.

The dessert table was the crown jewel of the celebration.  I used a classic red, black and white color scheme with occasional pops of yellow to match the sunset colors in the invitation.  I dressed the tables with red gingham tablecloths made by my mom.  The gallery wall hung in front of the table so all of the guests could see how Little Bug had grown through the year.  In the center of the table, I set up a pasture of cupcakes.  Using dollhouse fencing and lime green shred, I created a place on the cupcake tower for the cupcakes to graze.

For desserts, I created fun twists on some classics and included a mix of fresh fruit and sweets.  It was funny to hear parents offer their kids the fruit, but they immediately reached for the sweets.  All you can do is try!  We had Hay Cake Pops covered in yellow dyed coconut, mud puddle puddings, blueberry bushels and caramel apple hand pies.  The apple hand pie recipe will be featured in this month’s newsletter, so you can check it out then!

Using boxed pudding mix, I made chocolate pudding mud puddles.  I let them set in small mason jars to make them single serving.  Since they were mud puddles, I needed some pigs to help enjoy them.  I topped each jar with a little piggy dessert topper made from paper, pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes.  They seemed to have a good time at the party too!

I LOVE cotton candy!  It was one of my favorite desserts (and still is) as a kid.  I wanted to serve this summertime treat, but needed a creative way to do so.  I decided to rename the cotton candy as “Sheep’s Wool” and serve it in white paper bags.  To add a decorative touch, I scallop edged the bags.  The kids (and some adults) LOVED this special treat.

I like to the party theme touches to as many areas as possible.  To keep with the barnyard theme, I designed a set of animal noise party flags.  On one side is the birthday animal and on the other is it’s sound.  I thought it was also a nice touch for the littler kids who are learning to identify their farmyard animals.  We attached the party flags to some black striped straws from our shop and handed them out when guests filled up with lemonade.  I will offering the flags as a free printable later week, so stay tuned!

No matter how many details went into this barnyard bash, Little Bug stole the show with her smash cake finale.  I’ve been obsessing a little about making this moment perfect for the last year.  Luckily, Little Bug, did not disappoint.  We have a few bumps in the road.  I had planned on making an organic carrot cake for her to smash, but ran out of time.  We picked up a small cake from the bakery, but it slid off the plate as I was serving it to her.  The farm dog enjoyed it immensely.  So, as any party planner would do in an emergency, I grabbed the double tier cake that was supposed to be for the guests.  Little Bug smashed it, smoshed it and demolished it to crumbs.  Interestingly, she didn’t eat any (it was raspberry mousse).  Instead, the next day she had her first cake calmly in the kitchen in the form of a cupcake.  Go figure!

The party was a huge success and a lot fun.  I want to thank our photographer, Phoebe Hannah, for all of her hard work and beautiful pictures.  You can see more details from the party at our shop’s Gallery.  We will also be the featured party on On to Baby this Wednesday.  Be sure to check us out!

Happy Celebrating,


P.S.  The Barnyard Birthday Collection is now in our shop.  In honor of such an exciting week (first party feature, new design collection and the Orioles possibly making the playoffs), we’re offering a 15% discount on your entire purchase of $25 or more.  The coupon code is BARNYARD.  We hope you’ll come check us out!






  1. Natalie, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to post some comments on your blog! I get the posts via e-mail and love reading all of them so I’m finally commenting on some posts! This party you created for your daughter is absolutely darling!! There are so many creative details but I LOVE the cow print lanterns you made and the darling pig toppers in the mud puddles. Fabulous job!!

  2. confettidiaries says:

    Thanks so much for adding some comments! It’s always appreciated. I’m glad you liked the party. The lanterns were so easy to make and I think added a great touch! I just can’t wait until next year’s bash. Thanks again!

  3. I love the bunting with the pictures on it for the front of the dessert table and the piggy chocolate pudding mud pies. So cute! Looks like a wonderful party!

  4. confettidiaries says:

    Thanks! It was actually really hard to put the bunting together because I kept traveling down memory lane. I wish I could have just picked the pictures and been done with it. Luckily it got done in time. It was also nice being able to send the guests home with a picture or two.

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